By Anonymous - 24/03/2016 05:25 - United States - Federal Way

Today, I was emailing a government employee at the place I'm hoping to get hired by. I realized too late I had been emailing her with my personal email address, which is rather jokey and unprofessional. She noticed and started referring to me as that. FML
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Well there's three people who are about to get a lot of unsolicited emails.


Was it that bad? Because based on this FML, the email address doesn't sound too bad, because people create emails with much worse names.

What was unprofessional about it? Was it an AOL address?

My guess is that it is from

Unless it had something cheeky on it, your safe I guess.

@11 & 12: you're rather good at fixing your typo before grammar people harass you.

It was my phone really, I couldn't edit it either. Lol.

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I didn't know Hillary Clinton had an fml!

just handle it like mature adult and admit that you made an honest mistake. i'm sure she'll be willing look past this small slip-up

This is a pretty common slip up. I have a junk email (my old aim address) that I use for store promotions/coupons. It's connected to my other inboxes on my phone. There have been a few times where I accidently something out of the junk inbox instead of my professional email. Just explain you made a mistake/give the correct address and laugh it off, it's understandable.