By Anonymous - United States - Federal Way
Today, I was emailing a government employee at the place I'm hoping to get hired by. I realized too late I had been emailing her with my personal email address, which is rather jokey and unprofessional. She noticed and started referring to me as that. FML
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My friend realized all too late that she had been messaging our teacher with a joke email she made for spam messages when our teacher started calling her "Emo Overlord"

By  Steephx0  |  23

This is a pretty common slip up. I have a junk email (my old aim address) that I use for store promotions/coupons. It's connected to my other inboxes on my phone. There have been a few times where I accidently something out of the junk inbox instead of my professional email. Just explain you made a mistake/give the correct address and laugh it off, it's understandable.