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I have a g/f and am on OKC. i dont use it to find other girls. I use it because it's fun, the quizzes are amazing. and i've made great friends from it. I've never actually gotten into a successful relationship from it.


I'd say don't ask her about it, she'll think he's crazy and paranoid for somehow working out her password...

ask her about it. if she has a reasonable explanation about why she has that as the pass, but also whyshe has the dating site....you're all good....wait...not yet why were you suspicious in the first place? and be prepared to have to answer the "why were you snooping?" question if you want to have a chance to make it work. Snooping is somewhat great when it prevents pain....but fucking horrible when you have nothing to snoop about. Youve got to clear up these trust issues

I love the fact that you're more concerned about wat her passwork is than the fact she uses okcupid(Y)

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