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Today, I had to take an emergency contraceptive. I was talking to my boyfriend about it, and I told him that my stomach really hurt. His response? "Aw. That's just the baby dying." FML
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haha agreed pretty brutal but still epic win though.

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I agree with 1 and 13 here as well.

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using condoms and getting an iud or taking birth control pills is more responsible however if you are going to have sex.

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Apparently you don't understand that sometimes condoms break.

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Is it an FML because the boyfriend is stupid enough to think that the cell is a baby? Or is it because she has an horrific image of killing a cell. No seriously, I am confused because either way if it was emergency contraceptive, it was probably Plan B (or a similar brand) that prevents pregnancy by causing hormonal changes that prevents implantation. And even at that point it's just a freaking mass of cell called a blastula. If it's an FML because OP had a graphic image of "dead baby" stuck in her mind and/or thinking of it as an abortion then it's wrong because the "baby" is nothing more than a clump of cells. Unless you count millions of cells that shed everyday from your skin "killing babies" or even ovulation or masturbation as "abortion" because hey! they have a potential to be babies, then this is in no way a sad image. Unless of course, the FML is an FML because the bf is stupid to think it was a baby in which case I rambled on for nothing.

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Not to mention the hugely high number of fertilised eggs that spontaneously abort themselves in the first month or two after conception.

thankyou for that, unlike everyone else on this post you actually seem intelligent and well informed.

109-agreed! you seem like the only person on here with more than half a brain!

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The fact that a condom breaks is never the condoms fault. It's always the people involved. It's either one of the two possibilities: A condom is too old. (An old condom is 3 or more months old) Or they are not using the condom as instructed. (A monkey can put on a condom properly--There should always be a little space at top) I think it's pretty messed up that I'm 16 and know this and, your 22 and you don't. Seriously, you should probably open up a book once in awhile.

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What's wrong with being pro-life?...if people can't handle the consequences of having sex, like the possibility of having a baby, than they need to keep their legs closed. Plain and simple, then maybe they wouldn't have to worry about their boyfriends being insensitive jerks, or killing a potential life...

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Dude you asked for it when you decided to kill a baby

I really don't see how thats a joke and/or funny. There isn't anything funny about "That's just the baby dying" even though it IS just mass of cells, the whole thing that OP's boyfriend was cruel enough to put that mental image in OP is absolutely not amusing.

I still find it horrible. "Babe my stomache hurts" "it's just your unborn CHILD dying"

245 - The Blastula in OP's stomach is as close to a child as a flake of skin. It's NOTHING like a child at this point in time. She isn't killing her "Unborn child".

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Yeah that's ******! ...It is a little funny though... It's a good thing that you're NOT having a child with him, 'cause he doesn't sound like the 'father' type...

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@103 fail. there was no baby. just cells. learn about the thing you're complaining about before commenting.

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Wow.. he thinks he's a coolkid? Yeah, more like a straight-up fag. -___-

110 what if someone called you a clump of cells and killed you?

125- Actually, I believe that is called a logical fallacy, and as for your second post, this was obviously defending said idiotic fallacy through pretending it was simply a joke when it quite obviously was not.

173- ... What the **** does that apply to in this conversation. A "baby" is not a "baby" until multiple months into the pregnancy. The fertilized egg CELL would not have a conscious mind nor any life aside from the general functions of a normal cell. How would calling someone a cluster of cells then killing them, a conscious person, relate to the destruction of a fairly insignificant SINGLE cell.

HAHAHA.. the funny thing is that I was half expecting to see that ;)

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184 Seriously? 125 was joking...

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nothing because my brain wasn't developed

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No it doesn't dumbass...plan B is a stronger dose of the birth control pill which PREVENTS the sperm from atraction to the egg therefore preventiong pregnancy, which is why u need to take it within 72 hrs of having unprotected sex. The abortion pill does what u are describing. Educate yourself.

Actually, the morning-after pill works by releasing a hormone called Progestin that stops the ovaries from releasing an egg. In addition to that, I believe it also thickens the cervical mucus and thins the lining of the uterus so as to further prevent any fertilization and egg-to-uterus attachment.

maybe her boyfriend was being sarcastic....

contraception is something to prevent pregnancy. like condoms or the pill. you mean conception. which can take several hours to reach the egg. besides, even if the sperm does reach the egg and is then prevented from maturing, so what? at this point it is nothing more than a cell!

What the hell are you talking about? A foetus doesn't implante itself into the uterus. What do all you people *points to everyone who wrote a dumb 'OMFG poor foetus' comment* think? That as soon as the sperm has entered the egg, a foetus immediatly appears in the uterus? That a girl is considered pregnant then? No. First: the cell will split itself a lots of time, than it will implante itself in the uterus and only than it is considered as a pregnancy. People who think the morning afterpill is the same as abortion, should also consider all contraceptive (especially the pill) as an abortion. Which it is not. (I know that I have written very simplistic about getting pregnant, but I don't know the good terms)

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goddamn it, stop saying foetis! it's FETUS! OMFG

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O.o I always thought it was spelt F-E-T-U-S not F-O-E-T-U-S WTF is a foetus anyway??? is it like the unborn offspring of someone you hate or something? oh and everyone arguing over how contraceptions work and how the fetus is implanted..just google the shit! but conception does take hours if not days to occur since sperm on travel a short distance each hour. That is why the morning after pill works in preventing pregnancies in accidental situations.

it may be spelt like that in your country but not ours. why should we alter the way we learnt English for your satisfaction? to conform to your beliefs?

US English doesn't use some letters that are used in other forms of English such as the oe letter as used in foetus and ae as used in haemoglobin.

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wow this was annoying to read. so many idiots having sex and don't know anything.

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actually #11 ,#10 is rite at least according to my certified health teacher

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implant* fetus* learned* Doesn't matter what country, learn to spell.

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I'm so glad someone else knows this. That's why it's contraceptive.

Um ya, it just makes sure thw egg doesn't stick to the walls of the uterus... that's why your stomach probably hurt, it was softening the liner and shedding it. Doing this can cause cramps, migraines, bloating, and even bleeding.

and HE was the father of your baby. Wow FYL

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I thought he was rather hilarious. Perfect guy to be around. :) I like him!

OMG REALLY!!!! your boyfriend is a idoit ur stomach hurtin is a side effort of the the pill cause its so strong not because the baby was dyin. and unless u took a prego test how would he know you were prego? either way its not ur baby dying.

That was a terrible response. Please try to proofread at least a little of what you write.

I take it that with the user name "lilmac99," that person is 11.

Wow Doc, I never knew joke was spelled with 7 j's, 7 o's, 2 k's and 2 e's, that was quite the enlightening post, I thank you sir.

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I understood #15 just fine.