By mjbx - 01/01/2012 19:02 - United Kingdom

Today, I decided to write a romantic email to my boyfriend describing how much I love and miss him. An hour later, I got an email back saying, "I think we need to discuss this." It seems I sent it to my teacher by mistake. FML
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Just be honest and explain what happened!

littlegold 7

... She should explain what happened ... Maybe even apologize for sending it to the teacher.

RochelleRedvines 8

Your profile picture fits perfectly with the situation.

But if the teacher likes her back And she explains she may get an F.

leprechaun23 15

Add Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" reference here

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JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe he wants to discuss it in a good way ;) If not, just tell him you wanted to show him your writing skills, to see if you have improved.

KRS_13 0

I bet OP's teacher will ask OP to 'stay after class' to 'discuss' the assignment.

I bet she claims she got drunk on new years too.

I dont think thats needed if i you can read my entire sentance without strain. Don't*

I text my teacher something like that lols very awkward! But just made a joke out of it! One of my favorite teachers! :D

Llamacod 11

70 - idk, but it looks alot like sentence.

Llamacod 11

But seriously, you've sent your teacher a romantic email meant for your boyfriend too? How did that play out in the end ?

Llamacod 11

Yes, well it may look a lot like sentence but it's not sentence, which begs the question : what the hell is a sentance

If you strain to see i was a letter off; you sir, are dumb

Llamacod 11

No, if you can't spell a simple word like sentence then you are the dumb one

Llamacod 11

You see changing one letter in words means totally different things. Here are some example pairings : boob, bomb; goat, goad; boot, boat. Would you like more examples or to just admit that you are a moron?

:| sorry for making a simple mistake mr. Robot, im only human

Llamacod 11

*I'm thanks for proving your membership to the moron club

thatKidzmOm 10're an ass. Every comment you make is mean...are you a generally unhappy person or just try to make yourself feel better by being a douche online? Either way...knock it off. You're not funny.

Agreed, being cool online is not working out for you, if you wanna do good, invent an autocorrect that actually works.

Llamacod, being cool online is like sitting at the popular table at the mental home. Remember that next time you make a sad attempt to be cocky, witty or smart. Your making a complete douche bag out of yourself.

Stand back, folks. Looks like we've got ourselves a heated online argument. *dons overpriced sunglasses*

138- *You're... ... Oh, shit! Never mind.

Hey, 74, where is your question mark? You are a hypocrite. I'm afraid I'll be taking your grammar Nazi badge back, my friend.

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Right? I say roll with it... Maybe the discussion is in your favor haha.

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Easy A! No stings attached!

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hopefully its your english teacher or somthing

malincake 7

Hahah, be glad he didnt feel the same way back!

DontClickOnMe 28

Well OP didn't say he did or didn't, so you never know.. He probably did. He probably wanted to discuss their future together. (Well if OP wanted one.)

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63- Can you please explain what "clopping" is? I'm new to the hipster world. Whatever, I'll just look it up on Urban Dictionary.

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I wonder if OP's teacher was male or female.. I really don't get how people make that mistake though.. Don't you double check? Well I guess not.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You know, life has a way of answering questions like that for you directly. It'll hit you when it happens to you.

mismonroe 0

As I fell victim to the whole "sent my naked pics to Facebook instead of my fiancé" thing, I understand the mix up entirely too well. At least your teacher didn't see you naked.

hotPinklipstick 24

It was a simple mistake, just explain the situation to him and hopefully it will blow over soon.

Why do you have your teachers email?

Plenty of students do. It comes in quite handy for turning in online assignments.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Have you not attended school before?

blackbelt25 12

Mostly university and college students have their teachers emails. Like the guy above me said, it can be a life saver at times.

blackbelt25 12

Mostly university and college students have their teachers emails. Like the guy above me said, it can be a life saver at times.

28 dont act like you were in this conversation

Hey guys I use to attend one of the worst districts for education in the country( left it after my sophomore year). So I am not use to teachers giving out personal info and actually giving a damn about their students. I'm so glad I go to online school now.

lots of people email their teachers for assignments and stuff, dumbass

66 I think we got that point across, thanks for the help though.

^ WTF how can you 'accidentally' post a comment?

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Most teachers emails are provided on school websites.

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

@100: The "accidental post" comment was the one that was accidental - a double post; for some reason it seems they don't let you delete your comments on this site.

LOL1204 3

My school provides us with laptops. We use online textbooks and email our assignments to our teachers. It's not that uncommon.

Misskreher 30

My school is kinda like #164 said, but we buy our own computers. Most of our teachers also give us their phone numbers in case we need urgent answers.