By mjbx - / Sunday 1 January 2012 19:02 / United Kingdom
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By  SiriusBlack97  |  17

I've done that before.

  Llamacod  |  11

You see changing one letter in words means totally different things. Here are some example pairings : boob, bomb; goat, goad; boot, boat. Would you like more examples or to just admit that you are a moron?

  Llamacod  |  11

*I'm thanks for proving your membership to the moron club

  thatKidzmOm  |  10

Llamacod...you're an ass. Every comment you make is mean...are you a generally unhappy person or just try to make yourself feel better by being a douche online? Either way...knock it off. You're not funny.

  taytay6510  |  6

Llamacod, being cool online is like sitting at the popular table at the mental home. Remember that next time you make a sad attempt to be cocky, witty or smart. Your making a complete douche bag out of yourself.

  mismonroe  |  0

As I fell victim to the whole "sent my naked pics to Facebook instead of my fiancé" thing, I understand the mix up entirely too well. At least your teacher didn't see you naked.

By  rahavan  |  15

Why do you have your teachers email?

  rahavan  |  15

Hey guys I use to attend one of the worst districts for education in the country( left it after my sophomore year). So I am not use to teachers giving out personal info and actually giving a damn about their students. I'm so glad I go to online school now.

  Misskreher  |  30

My school is kinda like #164 said, but we buy our own computers. Most of our teachers also give us their phone numbers in case we need urgent answers.

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