By MiserableMan - 10/06/2014 04:02 - Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

Today, I sent my girlfriend a request to confirm our relationship on Facebook. She accepted, then changed her screen name into "His Hand". FML
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toxic_walrus 15

I guess you gotta "hand" it to her for doing that!


toxic_walrus 15

I'm sure everyone thinks he's handsome. Get it? No? Okay...

His hand is the one who gives him some. ;)

Jokes on her.. She can't change it back for 15 days now..

Amanyyyyyy 29

Doesn't Facebook have a limit on how many times you can change your name before it becomes permanent? Joke's definitely on her if it's stuck as "His Hand" forever...

#24, no way! I totally understand the FML now. Thank you for clarifying. /sarcasm

I agree that's funny shit ) good sense of humor :)

That's hilarious. Definite keeper. I wish I had done that... Lol

incoherentrmblr 21

One in the hand is worth two in the bush...

#60: 60 days actually. I've been waiting for a while to change mine to something else too.

Why the hell is #27 disliked so much? I thought it was pretty clever.

I guess you gotta "hand" it to her for doing that!

I guess i gotta "hand" it to You, for that awesome comment.

What she meant to say, #2, was that you're comment was hands down her favorite pun.

\ 28

No, I gotta "hand" it to him for his awesome username. "GRABBIN' PEELZ"

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tailyerd 17

52, Shut up. Please just shut up.

Why do you have to hate on the grammar nazi's? We're just trying to make the world a little more enlightened. And if you think it's annoying, you're just too dumb to care about proper English.

This is FML not English class. If you can't understand their (or their phone's mistakes), then fyl.

80: We're not dumb. I'm a linguaphile and love grammar, however a lot of grammar nazis point out small mistakes which most people can spot on their own and are likely the result of a typo on a small phone keyboard rather than a result of the author's incompetence.

#80 nazis should not have an apostrophe. As the word is a noun, an apostrophe would mark the genitive case, not the plural. Some grammar nazi :p.

80 I think siting around starring at the screen waiting to find a grammar mistake is the highlight of they're day.

HairyPunisher 27

She's a keeper! It's rare to find someone with such a great sense of humor. Definitely hold onto her. :-P

His hand will strongly hold on, that's for sure.

meli1195 31

This is your third comment in a row that gets downvoted, i think you should give it a rest for now....

I think OP should change his name to "Her Ass."

Broscope 8

#29 should have said "But wash that hand first"

#58 its not my fault people don't get it.

#172 - People get it, they just don't find you funny.

#172 You really might want to stop trying. You're just making it worse for your self..

Haha she has a great sense of humor.

I guess you'll be doing it Han style...Solo.

i wish i had the balls to do something like that

cryssycakesx3 22

it's silly Facebook joke... not very "ballsy"

jazmin3012 28

you can buy some at Wal-Mart if that is what you truly want

46 if it makes you feel better we can draw a face on your hand for you.

Ahh Mrs. Palmela Handerson. Definitely a keeper!