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  peceout  |  29

His hand is the one who gives him some. ;)

  Amanyyyyyy  |  29

Doesn't Facebook have a limit on how many times you can change your name before it becomes permanent? Joke's definitely on her if it's stuck as "His Hand" forever...

  \  |  28

No, I gotta "hand" it to him for his awesome username. "GRABBIN' PEELZ"

  KushCrushin89  |  10

Why do you have to hate on the grammar nazi's? We're just trying to make the world a little more enlightened. And if you think it's annoying, you're just too dumb to care about proper English.

  hashshim  |  21

80: We're not dumb. I'm a linguaphile and love grammar, however a lot of grammar nazis point out small mistakes which most people can spot on their own and are likely the result of a typo on a small phone keyboard rather than a result of the author's incompetence.

  tj4234  |  35

#80 nazis should not have an apostrophe. As the word is a noun, an apostrophe would mark the genitive case, not the plural.

Some grammar nazi :p.