By Christmasloverandstuff - United States
Today, my extended family came over for Christmas. I forgot to get a present for my extremely sensitive aunt. I took a gift from my re-gift pile and wrapped it quickly. Little did I remember that it was the same gift she gave me last year. She noticed. FML
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  laughtersplay  |  14

Not getting something for a sensitive person was one mistake, but unknowingly giving them a gift that they gave you before sends off a worse message. With sensitive people especially, they perceive almost anything negatively.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

A lot of teens have been brainwashed with the whole, newer is better mentality. They would rather have a crappy, brand name coat to use to shovel in instead of a 1 year old handmedown that is really warm because they would be ashamed to be in anything that isn't cool or fashionable because of what they see on tv or hear from friends. There are a lot unlike this too, but the ones who are, make me face palm. It's pathetic that a new phone is not good enough on its own anymore.