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By  Freksaivei  |  10

I would like to know what your parents did.


It's only sad if you let it become an unhealthy obsession where you forget that you're an adult and you skip out on adult responsibilities or you lose touch with reality, but that can even happen with modern games.

  DMA  |  11

What an all-around odd post.
1. Even if you're right and the OP needs to move on, that doesn't mitigate having three generations of consoles and various games stolen.
2. Plenty of people have lives and still collect retro tech (e.g. YouTube's 8-Bit Guy, Ashens, Techmoan, LGR, etc).
3. Dunno how old you are, Rick, but I get the impression you're up there in years. Is it time for you to grow up and move on from an app/site whose core demographic seems to be teens and those in their mid-twenties? Is it just sad that you frequently post puerile sex jokes on here?

By  Freksaivei  |  10

I would like to know what your parents did.

By  wanted_2_want  |  40

Since your little dick brother bought the new game with your things then the Fortnite game is technically yours.

Don’t let him play without paying “rent or royalties” first.


  ViviMage  |  38

He sold these items for credits in the game which may not be refundable to turn back it into cash. Usually micro transactions/game currency can't be reversed and the game's TOS states this.

Course, the seller should have verified the brother actually owned these items.