By Anonymous - 21/12/2011 02:01 - United States

Today, someone put dog turds underneath all the decorative reindeers' butts in my front yard. The chief suspect is my curmudgeonly, holidays-hating fuckball of a neighbor. Last week he repositioned them in very suggestive poses. FML
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you go glen coco.

That is hilarious


That is hilarious

I second revenge but YDI for the use of curmudgeonly... Sorry, the fates have spoken

I dislike the execution of that comment #36...

angry_anonymous 5

Agreed. And OP I think YDI if you actually put fake reindeers on your front lawn. that's just asking for those things to happen.

36- shitting reindeers?! I'm sorry you were so deprived of the Christmas spirit as a child!

I think this is absolutely hilarious!! If I had reindeer on my lawn and this happened to me, I would just think my neighbor has a great sense of humor, then laugh it off!

That's awesome! I reckon he'd be fun to live next to.

BrownEyes97 1

Why wouldn't you just do that to begin with? OP's neighbor shouldn't have to decorate her yard the right way for her!

you go glen coco.

Well, keeping livestock on your front lawn has its downsides.

Some one is going on the naughty list.

He's checkin' his list marking it twice gonna find out who's naughtyy or nice! Santa Clause is cumin' to down...;D

builditbetter09 3

Punch him out... Call Me dr.phill cause I'm handin out the best advice mofukaaa I'm not rich though.. :(

The Ph.d. Perhaps?

Either that or the intelligence.

9- personally, I feel as if there are better therapists than dr. Phil out there. But either way, I find your comment really dumb..

Dr. Phil's best advice is when he recommends someone else. He's an entertainer first and a jackass in equal part.

builditbetter09 3

So intelligence is determined by how funny a comment is? Cause you fucks don't know shit about me.

walkern1891 0

I don't think doctor Phil is a real doctor.

Love the colorful vocabulary.

nofearjenshere 12

Curmudgeonly, I hope that I'm not the only one on here who doesnt know what this means.

That's quite unconscionably supercilious of you, Alan.

blink182AAR 6

Fuckball. Ahahaha, best word on this site.

I love it when sirin and alan comment because it makes me feel like I'm part of a really important thread!! *claps excitedly*

bizarre_ftw 21

I love it when anyone, even better that it's a tag team FML team comment, comments on a guy who can't look up a little known word before opening his mouth (typing in a stupid manner) with another less than commonly known word (not as good a curmudgeonly, but what is really?)

11 i bet YOU'RE his neighbour :D

Very dedicated isn't he?