By Sherressa - 02/12/2013 20:04 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I saw my friend's car in front of school. I'd had a bad day and just wanted to talk with her. I got in and sat down, and felt something squish beneath me. Turns out it wasn't actually my friend's car, and I'd just sat on a random woman's cake. FML
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silverhuntress 4

Awww! Poor lady!!! I just hope it wasn't her birthday...


I want to hear the woman's reaction to finding her cake with a butt Imprinted in it.

OP doesn't seem very observant. I wonder if there were other things before this that suffered the same fate as the cake.

Who transports a cake open? Hoping of course that it was under foil or plastic wrap.

"Butt?" "Bunt" "Bump?" "BUNT!" "…" "Ooohhhh it's a cake!"

silverhuntress 4

Awww! Poor lady!!! I just hope it wasn't her birthday...

op better hope it wasn't that womans birthday, candles up the butt isn't a pleasant feeling.

Epikouros 31

LOL. At least the candles wouldn't be burning.

"Today, a random stranger opened my car door and sat on my birthday cake sitting beside me"

ElementaryEdGuy 18

I would laugh so hard if it was my birthday and that know, after I realized I wasn't getting murdered.

So I guess there was no moment on the lips, just straight to the hips...

Ecudaniel 16

well idk about you but if there is something as big as a cake on the seat ill be able to see it... specially if its on a box

lightanddark 17

at least it'll make a decent reason to kiss someone's lick off the icing

Tali147 16

On the bright side, cake makes everything better!

SnuWolf 15

Except the cake was just sat on. Don't think anyone will be eating that anytime soon.