By Vassy - 04/12/2012 18:51 - Canada - Montreal

Today, I made a positive remark to the owner of my local groceries store for employing a special needs girl. Not only is the girl not mentally handicapped, she's also the owner's daughter. FML
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It's just so hard to tell with some people...

"Your daughter is pretty handicapped around the store. Shit, I meant HANDY. You GOTTA believe me!"


MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

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And you're stalker level creepy. Lol

siickman 7

Please explain to me how OP is a bitch. "Positive remark" key word was "positive". It was a simple mistake any one could have made.

How could op possibly know that the kid was handicapped or not?

How could op possibly have known if tge kids handicapped or not?

Epikouros 31

The fact that she called her own remark 'positive' doesn't make it any less condescending.

You were right the first time, 36. :)

shinychic_96 7

You're the bitch

103-who? Me? You didn't specify so I just read it like everyone reading is getting called a bitch. It makes me disgruntled.

Sometimes it's really hard to tell if someone is handicapped or not, OP is not a bitch for making a simple mistake!

AllyyK 9

#104 Really?! Clearly she was calling #1 a bitch, not you or anyone else. She didn't specify, but it's a little obvious to anyone that has common sense. So no need to get 'disgruntled'. You shouldn't be on FML if you get offended that easily, especially since no one was talking to you.

"But it's a little obvious to anyone who has common sense." Oh, the irony....

SmallBean 12

Is it really that difficult to know if someone is mentally handicapped? By making the statement, op must've been pretty sure or else she most likely wouldn't have even said anything.

I feel bad for OP. awkward turtle.

It's just so hard to tell with some people...

YourEvilHero 12

it is sometimes. depending on how they act.

9- Thank you for restating 2's comment I didn't quite understand it the first time.

chrissy2 28

I agree #2. My boyfriend asked me if a girl who lived across the hall from me had down syndrome. She didn't...but she over heard him say that and now she hates us both...

lelo007 11

When in doubt.. Just shut up.

"Your daughter is pretty handicapped around the store. Shit, I meant HANDY. You GOTTA believe me!"

"So does she take Special K, or does she just stick to fruit loops?" That's a bad, OP. Bad.

What's wrong with fruit loops?

LiterOfCola 16

They're loopy

winkydog4056 16

#60_Froot Loops destroy the roof of your mouth.

But they're magically delicious! Or is that Lucky Charms...

DeadxManxWalking 27

#96- really? How so?

Well that wasn't very smart.

Overatedlife_fml 5

I wonder what she did to make you think she was handicapped.

Did it have anything to do with the crocs she was wearing?

SystemofaBlink41 27

75- if I judge by that, more than half of the people on my facebook are downright retarded...

86, if crocs make you handicapped, then there's a lot of handicapped people, including me

Alliente 9

109- I don't know what makes me more disappointed, the fact that you wear crocs or that you outright admit it to people.

"Ohmergerd frert loops mah fravreret!"

I wonder what made her make any remark at all, especially on such subject

Dusty_Busters 15

"hey nice Crocs!" said no one ever

I don't know what made you think that, but that's little mean

MichellinMan 20

Actually that was very polite. She didn't know she wasn't mentally handicapped. But that probably really pissed off the owner and the daughter, leading to OP getting fired.

OP getting fired? OP doesn't work there, she was buying groceries.

MichellinMan 20

^damn you dyslexia...

Don't see how dyslexia excuses poor reading comprehension.. Not to belittle anyone who actually has the disorder.

MichellinMan 20

^ Actually I do have dyslexia. But I'll admit I also have bad reading comprehension. So the combination of those two fucking sucks, and makes reading anything suck.

I have dyslexia too and so do many stars like Bella Thorne or Orlando bloom

I am aslo dslxiec and hvae bad cmpoereshnn

That's really fucking rude, 113

@3 damn that real time auto cucumber.

Anything to say about this fml?

There's a reply button for that.

There's also a barber shop. Go get a haircut Bieber

What made you think she was handicapped in the first place?

Why do People ask these questions as if hoping to actually get a reply? It is so odd. I will never understand lol.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#13- Because the OP CAN respond, and occasionally do. Most don't, but when they do, they answer questions.

20 Todays example is the train fml. Look at comment 51 which is a reply to comment #6.

13 - what's it matter to you if I ask a question or not? If you don't like it, don't comment on it.

I can't see the comment :(

It's probably time to find a new grocery store

kleider1 9

I could just imagine how she must feel. "Today, while working at my parents grocery store, I was mistaken for being mentally handicapped. That's jury how I am. FML"