By Vassy - 4/12/2012 18:51 - Canada - Montreal
Today, I made a positive remark to the owner of my local groceries store for employing a special needs girl. Not only is the girl not mentally handicapped, she's also the owner's daughter. FML
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  AllyyK  |  9

#104 Really?! Clearly she was calling #1 a bitch, not you or anyone else. She didn't specify, but it's a little obvious to anyone that has common sense. So no need to get 'disgruntled'. You shouldn't be on FML if you get offended that easily, especially since no one was talking to you.

  SmallBean  |  12

Is it really that difficult to know if someone is mentally handicapped? By making the statement, op must've been pretty sure or else she most likely wouldn't have even said anything.

  chrissy2  |  28

I agree #2. My boyfriend asked me if a girl who lived across the hall from me had down syndrome. She didn't...but she over heard him say that and now she hates us both...

  winkydog4056  |  16

#60_Froot Loops destroy the roof of your mouth.

  MichellinMan  |  20

Actually that was very polite. She didn't know she wasn't mentally handicapped. But that probably really pissed off the owner and the daughter, leading to OP getting fired.

  MichellinMan  |  20

^ Actually I do have dyslexia. But I'll admit I also have bad reading comprehension. So the combination of those two fucking sucks, and makes reading anything suck.

By  kleider1  |  9

I could just imagine how she must feel. "Today, while working at my parents grocery store, I was mistaken for being mentally handicapped. That's jury how I am. FML"