By eastsiderounder - United States - South Jordan
  Today, my girlfriend wants to make a video of us having sex for us to watch later and figure out how to improve our skills in bed. The problem is her choice of cameraman: her uncle. FML
eastsiderounder tells us more :
OP here. Yeah, this ended the relationship on the spot. Especially with how I reacted to it. I believe my exact words were, "no! That's *expletive* gross!" She rebutted with, "it wouldn't be so bad, we've seen each other naked several times before." Referring to her uncle. That did it for me. It's not as bad as pedophilia, they're only a few months apart, he's older, but both over 18. Still I can proudly say she is my ex-girlfriend now and can do whatever the hell she wants with her uncle. This was literally the first red-flag I'd had in the three months since we've been dating. I was all for filming a video, and didn't think it even needed to be said that we'd be using a tripod, or perhaps setting the camera on a shelf, apparently, she had other ideas. It's too bad too, she was actually a decent girlfriend. Ah well, I'll cut my losses and move on.
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  JesterJosh  |  5

Way uncool! Honestly I can't figure out why you need to video tape your sex to "improve". Sounds like just an excuse to make a porno. And "I ain't got no time fo dat!" Seriously though, practice makes perfect you kinky freaks.

  drewflav  |  17

I had a mutual female friend do it once for my (ex)fiancee and myself. POV is preferable but the trust is what matters. Never would I allow a family member to do that for me.

  Welshite  |  39

Yes, but haven't you seen the sex scenes in movies? The way the light bathes the lovers in a romantic halo, or how the sheets are perfectly arranged to cover them to achieve a PG-13 rating? That takes skill!