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Today, I was showing the guy I like something on my phone. My period tracking app decided it was the perfect time to tell me that I need to stock up on tampons, because I'm getting my period tomorrow. FML
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  RA91  |  26



There was an FML that was OP's boyfriend saying, "Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I have my period, 'Like every single month'." So yeah I guess guys can be idiots at times.

  Phoebe18  |  14

Guys who break up with girls at that time every single month are idiots, but a girl who goes back to a guy who does this sort of thing is just as stupid.

  jazzy_123  |  20

keep in mind that you asked lol

some women have irregular periods and that helps them keep track of it. It also predicts when you're ovulating, when your next period should be coming. You can record any medicine you're taking and even put down anytime you've had sexual intercourse .. and in OPs case, you can write down reminders for yourself. Its actually a handy app to have (:

  hystericsky  |  11

Would you rather just have a woman be surprised like WHOOPS TIME TO BLEED! I love my tracker app! When I'm feeling more emotional than usual all I have to do is open it and I know if it's PMS or not, and then I know what to do about it. It's a nifty thing! Mine can even track moods, temperature, various symptoms and their levels of extremity, and even has a notes section for anything out of the ordinary! It's an amazing thing.


One major reason is determining if you may be pregnant. If you're using an implant, IUD, or other long-term birth control mechanism, or you're not using any hormonal birth control, you don't have an automatic means of checking your menstrual schedule. So you need some other means of tracking this. Pregnancy is a huge health issue, especially with its complications -- my training tells me to assume that any abdominal pain in a person with ovaries is an ectopic pregnancy until I can prove otherwise, and ectopic pregnancies are quickly lethal without surgical intervention. Early detection is also important due to the legal restrictions and other hazards involved in getting an abortion, such as cost and getting through protesters.

I'm not sure what can cause menstrual shifts aside from changing birth control or going off birth control. If I noticed such a change in myself, I would consult a doctor.

This is aside from simple planning. If I had painful periods short of dysmenorrhea, I'd want to know when to take my Midol. Regardless, I'd want to know when to start using bloodcatchers such as tampons, pads, or insertable silicon cups.

(As an aside, many women experience painful periods, to the point where, if they were male, they'd be crying for an ambulance. This is called dysmenorrhea. Hormonal birth control typically moderates that to the point where the person can still function. It also reduces the risk of ovarian cysts, among other things. Thanks, Hobby Lobby, for saying that half the world deserves to be in potentially debilitating pain one week out of every four.)


Oh lord. No okay since you asked, I'm gonna answer. They aren't random. Most women get them around once a month. Sometimes we forget so it's nice to have an app. I'm pretty sure they taught us this in middle school sex ed? Well I don't know.

  hippo1234  |  19

On average, theyre every 28 days. Some women have a longer cycle, 34 days, some have shorter, 24 days. Most women have it once a month, unless they have incredibly low body fat, are on a hormone med like the pill, injections, iuds, etc, or have something else, like poly-cystic ovaries. A period lasts between 3 and 10 days, depending on the woman, but the average is 5-7 days. And that is more than you ever wanted to know

  Sheh_fml  |  25

And to add to what hippo said, sine the length of a cycle vary, it will very rarely come at the same time each month, or even the same day. So instead of counting down the days each month, having an app remind you can thus be very helpful. You know you will be reminded before it comes, so you wont have to constantly keep perfect track of what date it is.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Well actually, yeah they are (not random, per se, they still run on a cycle, but a sporadic one). A lot of people have them once a month but many people also have pretty irregular periods. I'd say people with irregular periods are more likely to use an app like that than those whose run like clockwork. (well )

  erenjaeger  |  16

If yours is regular, it gets easy to predict. Mine generally start between the 25th and 28th, so I know when to make sure I have them. Though, if you're irregular like some people I know, it's good to keep track of. Plus, if you're irregular, you can tell a doctor exactly when it starts and stops so they can determine if something could possibly be wrong.

  LisaDay  |  14

i use one. mines still pretty erratic after 5 years sometimes its 3 weeks between, sometimes itll skip a month or two. it helps keep track of it and write out my symptoms each day. itll figure out what physical symptoms, such as cramps and migraines, and help figure out when to expect it.