By maddiecat - 08/01/2013 05:34 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, I saw Les Misérables. I was singing along to one of the songs when the guy next to me dumped his soda over my head and told me to shut up. FML
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iarefatal 9

You must have sounded miserable

people go to shows to watch and listen to them, now listen to other people drowning it out with their singing, YDI


iarefatal 9

You must have sounded miserable

nycwrestler 17

Ugh this pun is too complex, it went right over my head.

chell1894 13

Yeah I mean I wouldn't want to hear you sing either. He came to see the movie. Not you singing.

rogerdodgeroz 4

I mean if she really wanted to sing along she could have done it under her breath so no one could hear. That's what I did

Or if she knew she had a problem singing maybe she could rent the DVD than mangle the song to her hearts content on the privacy of her own home.

You should of pop'd him one in the head for saying that.

Does anybody else think it's a douche move for a guy to dump pop all over a girl, even if she was singing?

109, nope. There's a special circle of hell for people who talk or, in this case, sing during a movie. OP got the very least of what she deserved. I'd say that regardless of either party's gender.

Yes. They should have just had OP removed from the theater and seen if they could get their money back for another ticket if they actually had to leave the room to get an usher or whatever to do so.

I dunno. It'd be worth a five dollar soda to me not to have to leave and find the usher. I work on a pretty tight schedule, so when I'm at a movie, that is the movie that i have time and intent to see. If I have to leave, even if I get a free ticket to a later show, odds are I'm not going to make it back before it expires.

#115 Totally agree. What kind of malfunction do you have to have to think your singing in a movie theater would be appreciated by an audience that came to see professional actors perform a classic musical and pay those prices for popcorn and soda? Maybe I personally wouldn't have dumped soda on her head but I certainly would have clapped.

Someone in my town got stabbed with a meat thermometer for taking during a movie. So a bath of soda doesn't seem so bad to me lol

RedPillSucks 31

What zombie Apocalypse movie was playing that someone thought it was appropriate to bring a meat thermometer to the movies?

#141 This is why I never go to a movie without my meat thermometer. It is a pastime of mine check peoples body temperature when they are doing something idiotic. I would like to talk to Docbastard about doing a paper on this for JAMA.

No, people come to see a movie not to have THAT person next to them singing along. Op could've atleast whisper sang.

No. The sex of the people doesn't matter. He could have handled it better but she was being an annoying, inconsiderate bitch and I'm sure he wasn't the only one who wanted to do that to her.

sisi778 3

Les be honest here you may not have been the best singer ever

doctor__who 19

Eh. At least OP couldn't have sounded worse than Russell Crowe as Javert. However, if you were singing over Aaron Tviet then YDI.

I agree couldn't he have just nicely asked her to stop first?

people go to shows to watch and listen to them, now listen to other people drowning it out with their singing, YDI

jojimugo 20

I know they do but dammm pouring a drink on someone is a little to much

perdix 29

#2, I actually go to watch other people. I go to the front row, kneel in the seat facing backwards and stare at the audience. I'm usually escorted out within 15 minutes, but the scene I cause is more entertaining that 95% of the slop dumped upon the screens.

X_Codes 11

@34 - It was either that or get them thrown out. At least OP was still allowed to watch the movie.

Perdix, are you secretly Amélie Poulain?

It's a musical. People are going to sing along. Don't go to a see a musical if you don't want to hear it

Yes it's a musical. And you go to hear the actors sing. Not the tone deaf dick beside you.

Actually then they would just watch it at home. You go to shows plays films etc to experience things as a group.

You definitely deserve it but the pop dumping is uncalled for. I'm sure a simple STFU would have sufficed.

TheDrifter 23

Perhaps there was one or more shouts to stfu and OP just tuned them out? It doesn't sound like consideration for others is high on op's priority list when the urge to karaoke strikes.

I agree, but for a different reason. Do you realize just how expensive movie theatre soda pop is?

siickman 7

Any theatre ask for an arm and a leg for the food and drinks. The candy box is like 4$ and its not king size, and you find the same size outside for like $1.75 or something like that. I just sneak my things in.


The thing about that, is that the movie theaters actually make very little off of the movies they play. The ticket price goes to the film company. Movie theaters have to make their profit from the concession stands. Hence the high prices.

strawberrywine22 30

Yes but if they lowered the prices by even less than half, more people would buy snacks and drinks. When we went to see the Hobbit, my sister in law paid over a hundred dollars for four peoples tickets plus drinks and popcorn. I used to manage a doesn't cost enough to run the movies as they make off the crap they sell.

Not only is the soda expensive, but the movie theater by me wants a bottle of Dasani for $5.75. That's even more expensive then a box of candy.

And I'm sorry, but Dasani is crap. As for you, OP, maybe having soda dumped on your head was uncalled for, but really, don't sing along in the movie theatre.

This explains why the local 1-room theater shut down. They had really good prices for food. No reason to try to bring your own in. They even cooked pizza and brought it to you in your seat.

Valiumknights44 12

Dasani is crap? It's bottled water. No matter who is bottling it it'll all taste like water.

RedPillSucks 31

@116 - same here. We had an actual sit down restaurant style theatre where you could order regular restaurant food at semi reasonable prices, including beer. They shut down recently also.

senor_awesome 14

87- love the profile pic! That is an awesome movie! ok. now yall can thumb down.

133 - Water does not all taste the same, there are various minerals in the water that give it taste. Also I have to agree Dasani taste horrible.

I'm going to go read a study about people's actual ability to even distinguish bottled water from tap, then come back here and laugh at you. Ya damn bottled water snobs.

I've done a blind taste test on types of water and while I couldn't distinguish them all I definitely got some right, Dasani was one of them. They definitely taste different

I've done a blind taste test on types of water and while I couldn't distinguish them all I definitely got some right, Dasani was one of them. They definitely taste different

192, if you can't tell the difference between tap and bottled water, I recommend you learn. Google some of the research that has been done on the subject of fluorine in the water supplies, and the effects it can have on IQ and other neurological functions, it's scary shit dude. Not to sound like a conspiracy weirdo, but there's something off with all that. Just my thoughts, though.

It's either have incredibly small amounts of fluorine in our water or have rotting teeth for half of the population.

#205-- Or we could, you know... Take better care of our teeth... Besides, there's a lot of sketchy history behind the fluorine thing. Something about getting rid of factory waste. I don't remember most of it. But yeah, I'm pretty sure bottled water has fluorine in it, too, it's worse for the environment, and it's more expensive so...

He should have asked you to be quiet first if you were bugging him, dumping soda over someone is mean and humiliating. Still, he didn't pay to hear you sing. Maybe next time just mouth the words.

miniluda12 12

In the last Harry Potter movie, some lady's phone went off and she answered it. Everyone was pissed.

Maybe he did and the annoying OP didn't include that part...

One does not simply, sing-along during Les Mis...

You totally deserved that. People are paying good money to listen to the show, not you. Save that for in the shower.

Well, OP might be a really bad singer, so I can understand the other guy's rage.

Angry as he was, he didn't need to be that rude. Coulda just told her to shut the hell up and been done with it.

skylark907 5

18, don't watch the video 43 referred you too. It's hedgehog ****.

1215116a 14

Even if she is a good singer, it would still be as annoying as hell.

You were disturbing others. I don't want to say that you necessarily deserved exactly what happened. The guy could have handled the situation differently.

I'll say it, it was deserved. Practically asking for it.

beccalicious 9

I would have done the same, don't sing while others are trying to watch the movie

RedPillSucks 31

Unless it's "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

beccalicious 9

Haha still I wanna hear the people sing and talk not people next to me or anything

I think you missed the point of the comment. People go to Rocky Horror Picture Show to sing- or at least they used to.

beccalicious 9

Oh my bad haha as you can see I have no idea what it was.. Sorry lol

That's hilarious. You must have really pissed him off