By Anonymous - 08/01/2013 05:20 - United States

Today, I got into an accident on my motorcycle. When I told my wife that the doctor said I couldn't have sex for two weeks, she couldn't contain her joy. FML
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Maybe you guys ought to talk about why she's so happy to not have sex with her own husband. Sorry OP :(

saIty 17

Fuck it. Ignore the pain and rock her world.


Maybe you guys ought to talk about why she's so happy to not have sex with her own husband. Sorry OP :(

LMFAOwned 9

I agree, that's quite a depressing predicament. Issues need to be worked out!

Wow man. What's wrong with her? You probably felt bad enough.

Guys can easily turn sex into a chore for women, especially when they beg for 10 mins straight for a ******** which makes you even more reluctant to want to do anything. The key to this guys? Don't care. Don't jump the girl 24/7. Let her jump you, make her want it, let her initiate. Trust me.

I'm confused, how would a 21 year old girl know how to seduce married women?

You're not looking at the broader picture sir, please step away from the painting and then look. Also I didn't say this is how to swoon married lasses?

GoodLookingGeese 10

We got it, 31. We see the Big picture. Thanks for this advice.

Didn't you say trust me?

What has her age got to do with it? When it comes down to it many women are more similar than blokes could imagine! A lot of women can feel like they HAVE to have sex with their significant other because they may not stop pestering and I've known some guys to get annoyed if their other half doesn't 'put out'. Sure once you get going it may be fine and dandy but the initial thought can seem like a job! I definitely agree with the poster who said wait for the girls to initiate it! (Not all the time though!)

I think he jus needs to shake things up in the bedroom, try puttin it in her ass

57- I think you need hooked on phonics. Your reading comprehension is whack.

I think you successfully ignored the whole part of how he just got in a motorcycle accident...

76- the fml is more focused on how his wife is excited they can't have sex vs the actual accident.

Maybe OP is just a bad lover, and sex with him makes her feel bad, sorry OP, but this could be the case.

Or maybe OP is hung and it's painful for his wife every time they fornicate.

saIty 17

Fuck it. Ignore the pain and rock her world.

BlueFlatts 20

Maybe she likes screamers.

token_blackguy 18

Time to trade her in for a new one.

New girl or bike?

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RedPillSucks 31

New biker-girl!

Bring some friends and do some acting as well next time! That might cheer them up. ;)

Say what now?

johnnie254 7

Stay on topic, dude!

Well, looks like you're going back to the videos

It's always better to communicate things. If she was unhappy she should've told you sooner, because that's the only way that would get fixed. Sorry, OP. :(

Sounds like you've got time now to figure out how to spice up your love life now. Just talk to her about it and see what would make sex more enjoyable for the two of you.

You must be a terrible lover.