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  rocketiquette  |  20

Guys can easily turn sex into a chore for women, especially when they beg for 10 mins straight for a blow job which makes you even more reluctant to want to do anything. The key to this guys? Don't care. Don't jump the girl 24/7. Let her jump you, make her want it, let her initiate. Trust me.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

What has her age got to do with it? When it comes down to it many women are more similar than blokes could imagine! A lot of women can feel like they HAVE to have sex with their significant other because they may not stop pestering and I've known some guys to get annoyed if their other half doesn't 'put out'. Sure once you get going it may be fine and dandy but the initial thought can seem like a job! I definitely agree with the poster who said wait for the girls to initiate it! (Not all the time though!)

By  NickyK  |  25

It's always better to communicate things. If she was unhappy she should've told you sooner, because that's the only way that would get fixed. Sorry, OP. :(