By Anonymous - 28/10/2014 21:58 - United States

Today, my school put on a musical. I was one of the leads, and in the middle of my solo, I got a huge nosebleed. A little girl in the front row screamed. FML
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Scarred that kid from choir for life . Well played sir .


Scarred that kid from choir for life . Well played sir .

That sounds like something that would happen in the beginning of a Dr. House episode.

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Was it Carrie? Then it would have sorta worked.

All I can think of is Wednesday and Pugsley Addams when they did their play on stage and began squirting the front row of the audience with their "blood".

I guess you could say... You smelt the pressure!

I guess you could say... a swing and a miss!

AnOriginalName 19

That wasn't a swing and a miss. That was so dreadful that you're still sitting on the bench, awaiting your great opportunity to even take a swing.

im going to assume that it wasn't because of the nose bleed. unless he let it drip through the solo lol

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some people vote YDI because they are assholes.

They want the ydi badge, or they're just irrational. Unless op was doing a little booger sugar to get ready to perform haha.

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Those five could have also accidentally pushed the wrong button too.

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That's happened to me too many times.

or they think posting on fml because of a nose bleed is weak as f**k

at least you didn't get stage fright with a disturbing twitch on your cheek and eye. always happens to me with a room full of people. it gets bad enough where i can't see out of one of my eyes because the twitch blocks my sight. it also looks like i am half smiling. people laugh.