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Today, I ran over my neighbors' cat. I didn't want it to look like I killed it, so I put it under my other neighbor's car so it would look like they ran over it. The cat's owners were watching me. FML
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I wonder why everyone's saying YDI. You gotta do what you gotta do in society.

christa953 12

17 WTF that's messed up and I hope you're not serious

17, what?!?! and op thats a horrible thing 2 do YDI

17 obviously isn't very smart. OP didn't do what he had to do. He was an asshole that killed a cat and didn't want to take responisibility.

yomama126 0

How is he an asshole for killing the cat? It was a mistake. Of course he wanted to cover his tracks (pun intended) and hide it like everyone else.

missmurderx 8

dear op: YOU DUN GOOFED. the end.(:

well I'm sure the owners of the cat would've been sympathetic with him if he just went and rang the doorbell/knocked but now he just screwed himself over

it would be FYL if he ran over the cat and felt bad. It's YDI because OP is too much of a wuss to admit he made a mistake. If you think "what you have to do" is hide the evidence everytime you mess up, 17, you're a coward

onelove222 0

you guys are ignorant. in the real world which is what we live in ! the cat owners wouldn't have felt symphathy at all, and most likely would make sure there are consequences. bottom line it's reality and he did what he thought would save his ass. :)

I'm not a coward. I'm a tactical ninja assassin, and when I get a hitlist, I have to make sure I cover my tracks.

1. You are a ******* pussy. 2. The cat is a poor pussy.

cbroxs17 0

Today, the creppy guy down the street ran over my cat. Instead of simply apologizing, he put my cats corpse under my mothers car. He didn't seem to care we were both in plain sight. FML

auto_da_fe 2

He made it worse for himself this way though. So he does deserve it.

it's a ******* cat. who gives a shit. go bitch at the millions of people dying for no reason. you bunch of idiots.

pink_mx_braap 0

I love cats and all but I laughed so hard over this. I just pictured this old lady with 50 cats...oh 49 cats...and a shotgun waiting to kill him for killing one of her babies.

pink_mx_braap 0

I love cats and all but I laughed so hard over this. I just pictured this old lady with 50 cats...oh 49 cats...and a shotgun waiting to kill him for killing one of her babies.

I agree with 17. u got to do what you got to do

FTC_Socialist 3

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Yea, since he knew whose cat it was he should have just gone and told them. They are the ones who let their cat out, fully knowing there are dangerous things for cats out there.

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17 is a ******* prick, 61 is ******* hilarious. Muff said

kidwiththehair12 0

LMFAO. one of the first fmls that made me laugh

twinny_sc 13

17 and 110 made me laugh. This shit is hilarious. I favorited!

#128 Why would he keep driving ? He was home since its in front of his neighboors home

pingpongpenguin 3

I hate when people complain about stuff that's their fault.

it wasn't thy he killed the cat which was awful but that he was trying to blame it on someo e else that was terrible!

Moonstarmist 0

@ 32 - I don't know about you, but I wouldn't hide something like that. I'd have the balls to tell the owner what I did instead of taking the stupid coward's way out.

OP's a sick bastard. Fuck him, should've fessed up. Time to go hug my pet cats :c

OhMyHolyBalls 0

Hey OP, did you ever think about the fact that you're in a neighborhood with a bunch of houses all around you, so someone is bound to see you? Keeping that in mind, I would be kind of suspicious if I saw a guy sprinting over and shoving a dead cat under someone else's car. The driver of that car could've even see you, and if that was me, I'd sue your ass for trying to name me as a murderer. Even an accidental one. So go over there and own up! (BTW, lots of people let their cats outside because they claw the furniture and stuff, not that that makes it OP's fault for running over one. But stop bashing on OP's neighbors for having an outside cat- their pet just died, assholes!).

planbsponserme 2

223 took it way too far. and yes it is the neighbors fault. if its outside, it should be on a leash. cats don't go on leashes but they could go in a fence. they shouldve been prepared for the consequences.

pingpongpenguin 3

you're funny ^ cats don't go on leashes! the only animal that's ever been good to me on a leash is a rat.

boyguydudemalema 0

that is why you dont let your ******* cat loose on the streets, but i hate cats so thank you op for reducing their population and cat owners do us all a favor, keep ur cat indside ur homes =.=

What ev its a neighborhood cat he should of thrown it in a dumpster of left it there. Ur such a idiot Robc32ca.

lildevil963 0

Way to take responsibility for your actions. YDI!

happykate120 0

Should've just said "What the **** is this cat doing under my car?" FYL.

angela3222 0

You are one sick puppy. I hope someone runs you over!

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