By TexasGirl24 - United States - Houston
Today, I was making a shake at work when the cup fell off the blender. I went to catch it, and instead caught the teeth of the still-spinning mixer. When my hand was still bleeding five minutes later, my supervisor told me to clock out until it stopped. I lost money for getting hurt on the job. FML
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By  cheshireau  |  26

That's illegal. If that was a manager who said that, go to HR. If they do nothing, go to the US version of the human rights commission they deals in workers rights. Stuff them, you were clocked in and working.

  mariri9206  |  32

They got cut by a blender. It was still bleeding five minutes later. That could be a very serious injury and it's not like they can - or should work - while their hand is bleeding, especially since it seems like they're employed in the food industry. That's unsanitary. If I were their boss, I'd have them clock out, too, and tell them go to the hospital. Actually, I'd wait to see if it stopped bleeding and how serious it actually is, call their emergency contact (or have them call their emergency contact) to take them to the hospital and get it checked out, have them clock out while they wait for their emergency contact, and let them/make sure they wait inside, off the floor, until their contact arrives. Then, when they come in next, I'd have them fill out worker's comp and other necessary paperwork regarding the incident and not deny the worker's comp/fight for them to get (unless they were being an idiot and that wasn't their job but I doubt that, in this case). Also, to those of you saying it's illegal, it's not illegal to tell your employee to clock out if they can't work during their shift. It'd be illegal to deny them worker's comp or scare them or whatever into not filing the paperwork for it. And being short a person isn't going to help OP's coworkers/job anymore than being told to clock out and go home is going to help OP. Also, you can only fit so many words in an FML and we don't know why their boss had them clock out or what happened afterwards. OP, I hope it wasn't too serious of an injury and you're able to get the correct payment you deserve for getting injured at work the correct way.

  akvandervort  |  21

When you get hurt on the job you don't have to clock out. You are to be taken to the emergency room or other clinic that has been set up to deal with workman's comp cases. The employee should not have to call any emergency contact, it is the manager/company's job to take care of the employee and get them the help they need. You are supposed to get paid for any and all time that deals with your injury. Plus work pays for any and all medical bills due to your injury. And if you cannot work due to your injury they cannot fire you and in fact must pay you "x" amount of money/hours a week until you can get back on the clock.

  pbarnhart  |  2

Texas does not require workers compensation (please look it up, don't argue). If you have a dispute with your employer over a workplace injury, you have to pay for it yourself and then contact the Office of Injured Employee Counsel after completed Employee’s Claim for Compensation for a Work-Related Injury or Occupational Claim Form (DWC041). There is a HUGE backlog because it is incredibly understaffed and has almost no powers.

  Tortuga594  |  14

Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful.t he employee would have to remain on the clock while receiving treatment. Until workers comp starts to pay it is illegal to make them clock out while dealing with a work related injury

  heatmiser88  |  2

That not how workman's comp works. You get injured on the job you go take care of it. Clocking in and out can be sorted out later. If you're seriously wounded make sure you are taken care of.

  claudiajean  |  24

I've been hurt so badly on a job before (burnt, freshly boiled tea down a corset) and had to go to A&E and they paid for the taxi there and paid me for the rest of my day. It's what should be done!

  gingisnaps  |  3

its up to the employee if they feel like they need medical attention. A lot of the time employees refuse due to drug testing. workmans comp works when medical attention is sought out and you pass the drug test.