By pussyOUT - United States
Today, I was at an amusement park with my kids. When we were on the Ferris wheel, I discovered my fear of heights. I hyperventilated, screamed from our seat "LET ME OUT! OH GOD LET ME OUT!!" I also began crying hysterically. They stopped the ride for me to get off. I'm a 45 year old man. FML
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yea that's funny but the worst thing to happen on a ferris wheel is that on the first loop ur ex boyfriend re-asks u out when you have just gotten over him and moved onto someone else..... it can become a very long trip... especially after saying no and having no 1 else in the ferris wheel with u....:s


I have a fear of heights, too, but it only kicks in on unstable ground. I can be on top of a skyscraper without problems, even standing on a glass floor and looking down, but as soon as I climb a ladder..
Might be the same for the OP and the feeling of being unstable on a ferris wheel caused it.

but on the other hand, my fear is just a bad feeling of "I have to get down NOW", not screeming and crying, so it may still be fake

  plexico  |  3

Today, a girl menaced me with a box of butterflies. I'm terrified of them even though I am a pro football player and have won three Super Bowls by myself. I fainted and bashed my head on my desk. Instead of seeing stars, I saw butterflies. I wet myself. FML.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Well that sounds fun! Taking advantage of others' fears is just delightful. I bet I could get anything I want out of people with threats of butterflies, spiders, and midgets.
Luckily, I don't have any real phobias to exploit.
Oh, except that one of guys with colorful pictures.

  xNephilim  |  18

Kate, I thought you were talking about me for a second... I hate butterflies. I'm fine seeing them fly around, but you better believe I get the major creeps when one lands on me. It luckily hasn't happened in a while, so I really can't see how I'd react now.

  null_fml  |  11

That's what I was thinking. Possibly fake. Even if he's never been on a ferris wheel, roller coaster, or tower before, if the fear is quite that bad, he should have experienced at least a decent level of anxiety from other, not-as-high places.

  null_fml  |  11

#36 - True, but then it wouldn't be a true "fear of heights". More like... fear of ferris wheels, as other posters described below. Sufferers of actual acrophobia usually can't even climb a ladder without at least a little anxiety.

But, I guess I can't fault the OP for it. Whether he described it improperly, doesn't know, or has simply never been higher than 10 feet in the air his whole life. The symptoms sure do sound like a phobia though.

#50-something: Good point, could be that.

  EmmyRahh  |  5

@56# I have proper acrophobia where anything higher than 5 ft terrifies me, its completely irrational but theres nothing I can do.. this guy probably has a new found fear of heights...