Cats and Cars

By Anonymous - 21/07/2014 22:49 - United States - Dublin

Today, I had to take my cat to the vet. On the way there, he managed to get out of his cage, climb into the front seat, onto my chest, and howl in my face as I tried to drive down the highway. I ended up with stitches and still got charged for missing my cat's appointment. FML
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Very smart cat... Managed to not only get out of going to the vet, he punished you for trying to take him OP.


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They make cat locks now I recommend you invest in one

OP Should simply learn how to trim his cats's so EZ

Yeah, right, try to trim my cat's claws and he'll crucify you.

I'm good at it. Best part is when your done no more scratches!

My cats never scratch me but I still clip their nails so they don't damage the couch. They don't really mind it.

And so brilliantly cute! When they're not mauling you, at least

Very smart cat... Managed to not only get out of going to the vet, he punished you for trying to take him OP.

That cat sure has it sussed. Wonder if OP will have the guts to try again - the cat may just succeed in murder next time. Although. It's an owner's responsibility to care for a pet, so unless her cat is a genius or developed opposable thumbs, I kind of think she should have bought a better quality carrier. So, she may have slightly deserved it.

Cats are devious beasts they can learn to open most cages. You gotta lock them in. Well at least that's my experience with cats.

Here you can get carriers where you have to squeeze parts together to open it. Seems pretty cat proof. Various types of hard to open catches, some you can padlock. I'd assume the standard flick a small catch around would be able to be figured out.

My old cats and my mothers new cats can work at the squeezey bits and open the squeeze to open cages. We had to buy a lock that held the squeezey bits apart.

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Thank you for posting that subtly and not quoting, highlighting or capitalizing your pun. It annoys me to no end when people do that, because all I can imagine is them sitting there thinking "This pun is so clever, I should emphasize it in some way or all those idiots are going to miss it".

Yes, that would of been a "catastrophe"

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It always seems like dogs/cats know when they are going to the vet. They always act totally different in the vehicle. A couple weeks ago, I had to take my dog to the vet to get his nuts cut off and while I was driving he managed to throw my truck into neutral while going down the highway.. luckily I like to go 80 and was ahead of everyone and didn't get into a wreck. Plus throwing your car into neutral while driving is not good for it.

It's not necessarily bad for a car to be put in neutral while driving. Disengaging the clutch essentially puts your car in neutral. However it should be near impossible to put the car in neutral while the throttle is on unless you apply stupid amounts of force into it. So either you have a ridiculously strong dog, was lifting off the throttle or your gearbox is just getting old. Also engaging neutral while the clutch is engaged isn't harmful either. It's when you attempt to put it into gear without disengaging the clutch is when it could potentially be harmful.

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when my dog jumped towards me I instinctively moved my feet and I let off the gas and he pushed it forward from drive into neutral. And it's not good to have your car thrown into neutral while on the highway, maybe not bad for your car, but it deccelerates your car extremely quickly and could cause an accident.

9, remember he almost certainly drives an auto. They barely have any manual cars over there.

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we have plenty of standards, are you smoking something? Just because my car so happens to be an automatic. My previous car was a standard. Nobody bothers to learn to drive a standard over and it annoys the Piss out of me.

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It doesn't decelerate a car too quickly. Having a car in gear while slowing down decelerates the car much quicker than when it's in neutral. Also as long as the person behind has a 2-8 second gap (depending on weather conditions) you should be ok. That being said though people rarely keep that gap. That's one of my biggest pet peeves.

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Yeah I have to agree on the gap part. But I was good because since I was going fast it gave me more time to put my truck back into drive and out of neutral.

More proof that cats are actually pure evil wrapped in fur and claws. And for some reason I still love cats -_-

Always deserve it when pet cats are involved.

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i suppose "yowling" could be more accurate, but that doesn't really change the story, right?