By korbo7 - United States - Grand Island
Today, I saw a man help an elderly lady with her tray at the local McDonald's. I wanted to do something nice for him, so I added a couple extra nuggets in his meal. He later came up to me and told me I was dumb and didn't know how to count, and that was why I was working at McDonald's. FML
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  hunterluv1  |  20

This same thing happened to me at my old smoothie job. A man was complaining his drink was taking too long, despite the store being completely packed and his drink in the same line up in which people ordered. To try to calm him I bumped up his drink and sized it up for him, only for him to yell at me that I'm incompetent and that he will not take it because it is not what he ordered. Sometimes you just never win..

By  manuwish  |  9

he immediately cleared any karma your good deed might have thoughtful of him..haha..sorry op, but the way to hell is plastered with good intentions..

By  noodlemantra  |  19

I would never go to the counter and say "I ordered 6 McNuggets, but got 9 - how rude and stupid of you". Sorry OP- but it's always better to be nice, though you sometimes get shit from people.

  Guy1009  |  15

When my father and our do our late night jobs, both of us are too tired or have no time to cook but are more than able to actually cook normally. Not saying this ungrateful customer is in the same boat, but there are more reasons to goto restaurants than being too lazy or stupid to cook.