By Anonymous - 20/12/2010 05:02 - United States

Today, while registering at the grocery store, a customer came into my lane with a 100 piece boiled shrimp platter. Feeling hungry, I muttered, "Nom nom" under my breath. The old man called my supervisor. Apparently I called him a moron. FML
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Ha, silly old people. They don't understand our professing lingo of hunger.

robc32ca 4

you are all morons for use "nom nom"


Ha, silly old people. They don't understand our professing lingo of hunger.

Stop that, it's annoying...

Yeah, agreed with #20, I thought my iPhone was broken because all it showed was a blank screen...

Tizzy you are a dickface.

tmmundy 17

20 & 28 totally agree!!!!

do it again :D

Did I just have a heart attack?

tizzy... you're a faggot. quit.

knockknock_fml 0

YDI nom nom!

Why the hell wouldnt you tell them you said yum yum YDI for being a tard

sxyyycheerrr444 6

and cuz old people are partially deaf and hear things wrong

he is a moron if he does'nt understand the difference between nom nom and moron

btnhdude 0

youre a moron if you don't understand that he probably misheard him because he said "nom nom" under his breath!

OP is a moron for muttering words that not everbody does understand in a formal situation. "Nomnom" is something you say to (probably) young people you know. "Well sir, that looks tasteful", is something you say to an unknown client at your job. Besides, for those who doesn't know the omnomnom hype, it really sounds as moron.

#24 that's what she said

it's doesn't not does'nt so ur a nom nom

NOTE: Probably not a good idea to correct someone's apostrophe placement if you use chatspeak...

robc32ca 4

you are all morons for use "nom nom"

so I take it you were born in either the late 90's - 00's since you have no idea who the cookie monster is.



robc32ca 4

you just proved my point

I agree 100 percent. Nom nom, come on can't we say oh wow that looks good or something respectable?

Well, I think you are moron for grammar bad.

Skroal, why cant people say whatever the fuck they want to without your stupid judgemental input?

serious why the hell wouldn't you include him in the conversation if you wanted to express your hunger? "Oh looks like you're gonna have a feast yum can I have one?" and joke with them like that. if someone muttered something to me I also would think it was bad, because why would someone mutter something good?

soldier4life_88 0

good point!!

He's American, they can't handle social situations as easily as we can.

OverweightNinja needs to stop being a stereotypical nom nom. Wait, I didn't mean nom nom. I meant moron.

Do you even know what stereotype means? if so then you are just confirming exactly what I'm saying in my post. now who's the moron.. nom nom I mean. ;)

13, you're not funny. :(

You classified all Americans as unable to handle a social situation like you (whatever your nationality is), and that's stereotyping us. Some Americans are socially handicapped, but I'm sure some citizens of your country are, too.

He's an Aussie.

yes, but you said I was being a stereotyping moron, key words being I WAS.. not stereotyping Americans in general.

Ah, well I like Australia. :D He's just not presenting a good impression.

I like Australia too.

well feel free to grace us with you beauty x

#34 why is Australia lol?

I want to drug a kangaroo so I can climb in it's slimy pouch, then when it wakes up I want to hop by the club and tell bitches to get on my roo bear so we can go back to my place. That's possible, right?


me is American. me no like you): *hides under rock w/Obama*

Bahahah... this is hilarious!

30STMluvva.... I LOVE your pic! LOVE 30STM also!

YDI for being a nom nom.

Dumdum want gumgum.

Nomnom gumgum Dumdum?

I'm not dumb dumb! You dumb dumb!

You deserve to be fired for calling it "registering."

UpsidedownKayak 9

Oh, now i get it. Thanks Doc. She was using a noun as a verb. Excuse me, I have to go toileting in the bathroom.

Bigbird16 0

Haha i say NOM NOM NOM >=D all the time! XD