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  OneGirlTwoCups  |  13

Welp, my mother is one to look down on people who work in the fast-food business, I explain to her every time we go through the drivethru that the people may just be looking for a better job. Some people just never learn. Hopefully OP, you don't have to deal with more customers like that.

  \  |  28

Some special organic ranch dressing... Maybe?

By  tj4234  |  35

Customers are idiots. So just ignore it. I worked in mcdonalds and we had all sorts of stuff including customers assaulting staff members and customers buying drinks just to pour them over staff members. So you had nothing compared to what they could have done.

  persianninja  |  23

They do that stuff because of the "customer is always right" rule which I think is complete garbage you should never disrespect someone who works in a restaurant just because your having a bad day

  drewflav  |  17

9/10 times at my grocery store job when a customer approaches me they are ultimately wrong. The only ones who tend to be right all the time are former grocery employees or chefs.

I don't hesitate for a second to correct a customer if they're wrong, plain and simple. Saves the hassle of issuing a refund later for their stupidity when buying the wrong product.

Besides, you can't possibly tell me a customer is always right when they bring in expired coupons and expect me to honour them. :P

The rule isn't enforced in Canada and is typically only brought up by American tourists. The rest of us are generally polite enough to not push the workers too much.

By  summerguy97  |  16

And that is when you spit in his food or have a coworker do it for you. You can have so much power when you work in the food industry and people ought to learn not to piss off the people that handle their food.

  azouwa  |  26

Exactly. If they fix your food, body, house, or car... treat them with respect.

  Treveyon56  |  14

Most likely it's because it's the best OP can do for now. And McDonald's isn't that bad, but personal I'd never work there. I mean I work as a dishwasher and food prep and sadly get paid more than most McDonald's managers.

  GwylaFelidae  |  7

Depending on how much a person makes, sometimes they have very little choice on what they can afford to eat. Sadly, McD's is much more affordable than a proper meal. I grew up eating Mac&cheese & hot dogs five nights a week. Nutritionally, that's not much better, and now I can't eat the stuff.

  SSTRNK  |  6

But they still cost much more than a cheeseburger. If you're like me and you have to pay for college, braces, rent, etc., McDonald's is a luxury.

  TheDrifter  |  23

If it costs more than a McDonalds meal per person you're doing it wrong. I generally average around $2 per person for a proper meal, unless we're getting fancy.