By stifledbyyou - United States
Today, while I was working at McDonald's, a man and his wife ordered a Sundae. I gave the guy his sundae and realized I'd forgotten something. I said, "One second sir. Let me grab your nuts." I realized what I said when his wife gave me the death glare. FML
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  11colio11  |  4

So your life is fucked because you accidentally made a sexual innuendo. Who cares what his wife did, you didnt do anything wrong. The only question that remains is: did you fix his sundae?

  KiaMaster  |  0

this girl accidently asked my boyfriend 'do u want balls with that' and hey, everyone was laughing. I think adding a joke is ok once and awhile. she should have given the nuts to the wife and been like 'here you can have them back, I've had my fun'