By stifledbyyou - 12/12/2010 00:06 - United States

Today, while I was working at McDonald's, a man and his wife ordered a Sundae. I gave the guy his sundae and realized I'd forgotten something. I said, "One second sir. Let me grab your nuts." I realized what I said when his wife gave me the death glare. FML
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The real FML here is that you work at McDonalds. FYL

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sooo I suppose asking to supersize him would also be out of the question as well...

So your life is ****** because you accidentally made a sexual innuendo. Who cares what his wife did, you didnt do anything wrong. The only question that remains is: did you fix his sundae?

well. since she gave you the death stare you should have grabbed his nuts. it's just the right thing to do.

I mean, did you stare at his package, smile, and wink when you said it? Then YDI, you *****!!!

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For the wife to be angry at that means she feels threatened. maybe hubby is a cheater or she's not pleasing him.

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The real FML here is that you work at McDonalds. FYL

You have to start somewhere, darling. And in this economy, some may not even have much choice.

oh come on.. at least she got a job and she's earning her own money..

yeah at least she's not working the corners. although the money is probably better.

You'd know, #50. (Couldn't help myself :P)

u r so bitchy. u shouldn't laugh at people's jobs

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Well, fml because you think you are better than fast food workers.

If no one workes at McDonald's, who'd serve you your daily 31 Big Macs?

this girl accidently asked my boyfriend 'do u want balls with that' and hey, everyone was laughing. I think adding a joke is ok once and awhile. she should have given the nuts to the wife and been like 'here you can have them back, I've had my fun'

Well if she's between 16 and 22 she's doing better than many unemployed adults, so she's good

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hahahahah that's awesome! I wouldn't have given you a death glare, I would have just laughed!

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seriously, how old is the wife, 10 years old?

seriously though, the average mcdonalds worker is like 15. the fact that the wife is offended by that is so immature

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wow pink, you loom fabulous. would you like to chat?

No wonder they were getting sundaes. if that's what she's like at McDonalds, imagine her at home.

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LOL but the wife is kind of overprotective to immediately think of that meaning in stead of what you actually meant.