Sex talk

By Bellagirl - 19/07/2010 07:10 - United States

Today, I found out what's worse than having the "sex talk" with your parents: having the "sex talk" with your boyfriend, when he's 23, right before you were supposed to have sex. FML
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what's there to talk about? you just get it out and whack it in

I haven't got it yet... my parents must think I'm ugly...


yeah that's definitely worse... haha I got that when I was 13.

I haven't got it yet... my parents must think I'm ugly...

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YDI for having a retarded bf!

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8 I'm sure your not ugly..i had to give my parents the sex talk because they thought I didn't know anything but I sure proved them wrong.

it wasn't very long ago was it 1?

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let google images, boobs, then scroll thru all the pics and links, and let that be the talk.

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Your boyfriend wins at life, nuff said.

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that's what my mom had to do, ackwardddd!

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he double wins :) lol

12: this isn't exactly a recent photo... notice the Westbrook jersey...

I still have a Westbrook jersey because I love him!!!

I still have it too, but I don't wear it to the games anymore... Now I'm all over my Vick jersey!

A 23 year old that needs the sex talk? haha. This is hilarious.

lol I don't really see how that's worse atall, for me talking about it with my parents is way worse since I'm usually really open with my boyfriend.

show him some porn! then he'll know everything! let the action speak for itself!!!!

having sex before learning how to masterbate? better keep that guy on a leash

YDI for being 12. Freak

#87 you look like a douche.....

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hahahahaha. that's pretty funny.

i never had that talk with my rents...kinda glad i didnt lol

83 wanna come give me a lesson? ;)

that is really bad

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i got when i was 7

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my sex talk was penetration for the first time haha

115 sure. First we start with toe touchers. lol jk

my dad would tell me to stop playing 5 on 1 in the restroom years before he had the talk with me.

i got the talk about condoms from my dad at 9 yrs old. i am a girl.

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hehe I haven't got the talk yet.. so I'm guessing they trust me :D or just think I can't get any.. =/

or they dont care

that really stinks

I got it when I was 11

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me too I was 11

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I got the talk when I was 7 ... wow ops bf fails @ life

why would you give your parents the sex talk

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It was already too late when my parents gave it to me;D They had to give it to me before the cops came......

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what's there to talk about? you just get it out and whack it in

you're a visionary..

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haha my husband was nervous the first time we had sex when we were dating not a big deal'

well if I was dating a girl as beautiful as you I would be nervous too.

u only saw her body and half her face. how can u tell she's beautiful?

ohthebloodygore 16

Most of the time men do just look at the body and then determine if they're beautiful or not :p

Click on the picture and a bigger one comes up showing her entire face. Technology is amazing!

ohthebloodygore 16

A bigger one doesn't come out actually

Really? It does for me. I can see her entire head and also the fact that he is not wearing any pants. Just some panties that match her top. perhaps you don't know how to work your technology or your technology is weak.

well unless her forehead is abnormaly big, i'm confident in my statement. And I was looking at her face. If wasn't I would have used the term 'hot' which is often overused by guys that are just looking at a girls body or have no clue at all of what a girl wants to hear. I girl would rather be called beautiful while your looking into her eyes, that hot while your looking at something else. just saying.

yea it only enlarges the orignal pic not expand it.

umm.. wrong Swimmerstud. It is very definitely expanding the picture, not just enlarging it. Like I said, perhaps your technology is weak. Are you using an iPhone? maybe you need to hold it differently?

confirmed, iPhone doesn't expand it, pc does.

Figures. Sure you have your iPhone, but if you can't expand a simple picture, why not trade it in, get a normal phone, and use the rest of that money to get treatment for your technophilia? :P Kidding. Just like taking jabs and Jobs.

3 where's your wedding ring in your picture?

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#32 are you legally blind or are you just sporting the douchebag look?

Hey hey now. lol I do like my iphone. It is stable, unlike any windows or droid based phone. I'm sure the problem only stems from the app itself. Probably most mobile platforms apps including the Crackberry as I saw in one of the posts. I'm in the IT field myself, and a stable phone than can do the things I need is a must.

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I think if he were mormon, he's be doing what perdix suggested, getting it on with a 13yrold.

You mean like browsing FML? :P I'm just giving you a hard time because you have an iPhone. It is kinda dumb that the pictures don't expand for you. You're missing out on so much stuff! Expanded pictures must use some sort of Flash protocol. ;)

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I agree with 44. If I was married I wouldn't be posting up a picture for the world to see of me in a corsetish top with panties. Not much of a "wife" there. You fail #3.

#46, Yes I'm blind dumbass. Since you don't have a picture, i'm imagining a overweight 45 year old who lives in is mama's basement and has never spoken to a girl. or you could just be 15 and a dumbass either way is sad.

She ain't much of a hooah wife, that's for sure!

agree with 44,57, 60 now that I can see the "whole picture" lol, don't get me started on the flash issue. but it is just a phone which brings up another topic, Sorry for all the ipad suckers out there that can't view flash :)

luvtruck: he's right, though.

If youre blind then how do you know he doesnt have a picture? And you just described what that girl was wearing... You fail.

it was a joke. if I was blind how would I be reading this AND know he didn't have a picture, oh and I never described what she was wearing, you fail at reading.

if you ever considered comedy for a living, I'd think again..

I love how everyone was bashing luvtruck, simply based off his picture and comments. what? none of you guys have anything better to do?

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no, of course not its fml lol. and your pic: an animal thing posing like a model= furry *shudders*

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wow @ least he cares about been safe.

wow...haha I had to do the same thing but thank god he was only 18 so not as bad as yours FYL

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Many people have the sex talk. Nerves. It's common, or maybe his parents were religious and didn't care much for what he knew about sex.

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schools fail kids so much more these days, they don't even learn there sex education. tisk tisk

#11 - School has failed you as well. It's "their education."

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*^^^^Lol nice. I guess school isn't what it used to be

blame the parents not the schools. most kids could have had sex ed but their parents said no... or maybe he was homeschooled.

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Haha, my parents didn't let me take sex ed when I was in school. But I happened to be crazy addicted to porn at the time, so I knew it all anyway:P

Being homeschooled is no excuse for parents to not teacher their kid about sex... :/ I was homeschooled/unschooled from fifth grade onward, although I had actually learned about sex before that -- when I was five my parents gave me a book, meant for children of that age, that straight up explained everything. Although I somehow forgot most of it, hah...

you suck learn how to spell

104, learn how to punctuate.

hey go die you fucking grammar Nazi

Hey, iownyou, you started it. So don't complain when it backfires.

Hmm, that's the first time I've been called a grammar nazi. I usually just correct everyone in my head, but I'm starting to act on it.

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right on time