By chelsea - 07/03/2011 22:23

Today, I found out that if you cry yourself sleep and forget to take off your mascara, your top and bottom lashes will stick together. Leaving you unable to open your eyes. FML
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ohrlynow 9

It's called water. Even if you've really got to rub, it'll come off. No way will mascara stick permanently.


that happened with me and eyeliner......I got conjunctivitis -.-

You have mad skills for typing blind then.

jonan1212 5

I can type perfectly well without looking.

ThatGuyYouDontKn 0

it's the same as typing without looking at the keyboard, unless op is using a touch screen to type, then that's skills

ily4life 0

that happened to me all the time my mom had to help me before



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what cal revolver .38, .357, .44 mag?

ohrlynow 9

It's called water. Even if you've really got to rub, it'll come off. No way will mascara stick permanently.

The problem is her making it to the bathroom, practically blind. Hahaha

How did you type this blind? Just kidding, I'm a retard.

kiddymeal 0

if you even bothered to think she most likely was able to unstick her eyelashes then write this FML.

LittleMissSusie 0

You really shouldn't take new pictures just after you had your wisdom teeth pulled...

Because when she said "unable to open your eyes" she meant 'did I mention that I cried myself to sleep?' The eyes would have taken all of one second to fix.

exactly what I was thinking *online high five*

Milly143 3

What the hell kind of mascara are you using??

C94Slim 7

the kind I secretly switched out for gorilla glue :)

conqueror57 11

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Clearly you have never been miserable enough to cry yourself to sleep. If you had, you would know that the last thing on your mind is make-up removal.

Or don't be so pathetic as to cry yourself to sleep. Grow up some.

Agree with 37. Crying yourself to sleep is just stupid and childish.

Ah, spoken like someone that was never a teenage girl :)

Obviously you people have never experienced true emotion. What if she was at work all day and went to bed shortly after? Where's her time to do it before bed? There's not much... she cried herself to sleep. Big deal. I'm sure you guys have all cried at one point or another in your lives... the only difference here is that she did it when she was relaxing and about to go to bed while you didn't.

Even when I am about to cry myself to sleep, I still take the time to relove my make-up. Otherwise, you'll look terrible in the morning, and that's something sad people should avoid. Besides, your face becomes sooner old if you don't remove your make-up.

While most of that's true, most people simply aren't thinking about having to take off their makeup. Their mind is usually preoccupied with their upset, though there are exceptions.

cupcakecatie 0

Sometimes shit happens and you sleep with make-up on, I guess no is as perfect as you (sarcasm)

#45 yes because sad people totally wanna relove there make up... rofl!!!!!

...problem with it? Sad people usual want nothing but being happy, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't take care of themself. If you're depressed, you're absolutely not going to feel better when you wake up in the morning and see that your face is hideous.

They're not thinking that at all, though. How many times have you caught yourself bawling your eyes out, telling yourself you want to look pretty in the morning? I bet you absolutely none... if you have done that, you're probably the odd one out.

navalacademy2015 4

OH MY GOD!!!! The ***** I give!!! THERE ARE NONE

this fml is more sad than anything.. reminds me of when my best friend used to call me and cry before she went to bed :/

serves you right you emo junk TROLOLOL.

How does that happen? I always do that and mine never stuck together.

You could write your doctorates on this observation.