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Today, a pregnant friend who is due in 2 weeks posted a picture of a baby on Facebook. I commented congratulations. She's still pregnant. It was a picture of her baby who died 3 years ago. FML
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Not your fault - who posts pics of dead babies???

countryrose92 23

Not your fault Hun, you were trying to congratulate her, she prolly shouldn't of posted the picture of the baby so close to due date with out specifying more.


Not your fault - who posts pics of dead babies???

#1- The mother obviously wanted to show respect and remembrance of her child that died 3 years ago. Just because she's having a new baby doesn't mean she forgot about the one she lost.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't really consider facebook to be the place for respectful remembrance.

Not pics of a dead baby, but I presume pic of the baby while it was alive.

I agree 21 yet I still see heaps of people on FB post pics of their deceased loved ones especially their grandparents but I guess it's their Facebook and they can post whatever they like on it !

21 I'm not saying Facebook is the place for that. My point was, that maybe to the Mother it was her way of remembering her baby. That's all.

Especially two weeks before she's due for a new one... Like who wouldn't assume that's the new baby?

#16 (and others) wouldn't you caption it with "in remembrance" or something like that? And three years later? Have some balls and don't make excuses for other people.

Actually I have seen parents post pictures of premature still born babies. Not something I would do but if it helps them grieve, then that is their decision. I also would have assumed that she had her child if she hasn't posted something along with it.

Still borns?! Now THAT'S just plain weird.

Yeah, 21 and 29. Memes are what FB is for.

caysters 12

Go on YouTube and there are tons of videos remembering still born babies. They actually have people do photo shoots in the hospital with them.

It's pretty strange that she would post it so close to her due date, imo. A remembrance of her baby that didn't make it is lovely, but perhaps Facebook isn't the best place to do such a thing. And perhaps doing it so close to the birth of your other child isn't the best time either. It would suck if she looks back at her pregnancy and the birth of her baby with sadness because she was still grieving for her other baby, instead of the happy and exciting event that a new birth should be.

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62 I think that would be the other way around haha

daisiebud 18

Especially if you're due in two weeks. What kind of sick joke is that?

Bubbelz 25

You guys are all missing the picture. Either that woman did not write anything in the description and expected everybody to recognize a 3-year old baby photo... Or OP was lazy and did not take a second to read the description. It's YOUR Facebook Timeline, post whatever you want! No better place for a random remembrance online.

I personally don't think it is wrong, becsuse I did the same thing but when I posted it I made it clear it was my deceased son. but then again that is when I had a facebook.....

Once someone posted a pic of themsevles posing with their grandma in a hospital as she was dying and then posted it an hour later after the grandma had died and said "miss you already can't believe you're gone"

It's not a picture of a dead baby, its a picture of a baby that died. One is way creepier then the other.

I agree completely, I'm sure OP wasn't the only person to make that mistake, especially with it being so close to her due date now.

dmoran20 27

I would rather see those pictures (with rip or some kind of info) than the oh look what I'm having for dinner ever damn time they eat.

Bubbelz 25

I'm sure the picture of my pizza with every damn kind of meat they sell is interesting enough to pollute your newsfeed with. If not I don't care. It's in your mind now, but not in your stomach. Hungry yet? I know I am ;(

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of stillborn babies, they're pretty sad!

The closer the due date gets the more she is going to be thinking about her previous baby that she never got to keep. She is going to be feeling guilty that she is having a new healthy one and want to show some memory of her previous one. This is the exact time that shell be thinking about and grieving for her baby the most. There is nothing wrong with her mourning her lost baby.

People who have lost babies. My sister lost my niece at 11 days old. Way to be a dick.

countryrose92 23

Not your fault Hun, you were trying to congratulate her, she prolly shouldn't of posted the picture of the baby so close to due date with out specifying more.

wlddog 14

Yep. I would have easily made the same mistake. I am sure OP was not the only person.

courtney680 17

It would be pretty confusing to post a picture if a baby when you're so close to having one..

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Yeah, because babies are never early or late, they all pop out right on their due date. They're so convenient! I don't think OP was in the wrong here at all, if a heavily pregnant lady posts a pic of a baby with no words that's what the majority of people would naturally assume.

You've heard of premature babies, yes?

Glad to see I'm not the only one who saw how silly this comment was. A baby wouldn't even be classed as premature at 2 weeks early, it has to be over 3 weeks before full term to be premature.

I was born two weeks early and wasn't even classed as premature...

Pre-matures happen all the time. I was 2 weeks early, and both my sons were early. No excuse.

NioBerry 7

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53, please go to your school and relearn punctuation, along with proper spelling and other grammar.

I was born a month earlier than I was supposed to be, not sure if that's a lot.

I was born seven weeks early. A baby born 3 weeks before their due date or earlier is classed as premature, so yes Daphish, you were a preemie.

My mom says I was born 17 years to early.. So I'm a really big preemie

When you're 38 weeks pregnant, the baby is considered full term. Any time between 38-42 weeks is normal.

That wasn't nice, the baby could have been early

Babies can be born two weeks early. It happens often.

Well you couldn't have known...I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Damian95 16

That's awful :( just explain the situation and if she's your friend I'm sure she will be understanding.

Unless she flips out in a hormonal rage.

Who posts picture of a dead baby? Especially since she's 2 weeks due. She set herself up for that one...

I think her main concern was showing remembrance towards her child, rather than worrying about confusing her friends. It's really insensitive of everyone to be blaming her for it.

RpiesSPIES 27

As bad as it may sound, I don't think she should be bringing up her prior child no matter how she wants to remember him/her. I say this because she may eventually grow to raise her new child poorly out of grief for the firstborn.

hellobobismyname 24

I agree with 42. She's about to have a new baby, I'm sure it brought back memories of the one she lost. The mom did nothing wrong and neither did OP. It was just an honest mistake.

perdix 29

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jem970 19

Perdix I have only cringed at a couple of your comments but this one takes the cake. I know you arent serious but maybe that was to much?

perdix 29

#35, Hey, I was just warning the OP NOT to write that. I mean, it's not like I was actually thinking it. Nevertheless, I always carry marshmallows with me in case my time comes and I get hurled into the fiery pit.

RedPillSucks 31

Unlike #37 I cringed and laughed at the same time. I'll be going to hell after perdix, but I'll still be wearing my halo.

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#109 - They're clearly being facetious. Honestly, did you HAVE to try to turn a humorous thread into a religious debate?

OP, it's totally acceptable for you to assume that the picture she posted was of the baby she's due to have, seeing as she's due in two weeks! If she gets upset over it, she had it coming.

astralvagan 20

A good friend of mine posted a picture like that as well. She cussed out every your who congratulated her, but she never told anyone she was pregnant. Not your fault because it was a valid assumption.

sugarshane007 20

And this is why pictures should have captions. Captions would have kept this from happening, unless there was a caption, which in that case begs the question: What the hell is wrong with you OP?