Today, I gave my sister a stun gun for her birthday since she recently had a couple "close calls" walking home from work late at night. She was so excited and thankful that she wanted to express her gratitude by shocking me to see if it really worked. FML

By PoopTart - / Wednesday 29 April 2009 05:39 / United States
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  FuckTheMods3  |  0

Mods: FUCK YOU and your censorship of comments! I COMMAND YOU to take this down, and ban this account and IP address. NOW, BITCHES! I'll be back, fuckers. :-P

By  rukusrazor  |  0

Those things hurt like FUCK!. No one should do that to another person. Trust me, it incapacitates you. This isn't like a funny shock. /ok, it's a little funny.

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