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  BulldogHoops  |  14

Yes technically it COULD be a guy but I don't think you have to come out here and reemphasize that. He assumed OP's a girl because OP was fucking a dude. Just let it be.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

I'm going to assume that Op is too young to even be able to get a motel room. I could definitely be wrong as there are many 20 something's living with their parents but I just have a feeling op is too young.

By  andyyroxx  |  20

I can't stop imagining the sperm cells turning into tadpoles and rapidly growing into frogs within the walls of your home.
Should lay off the catnip, shouldn't I?

  Welshite  |  39

Catnip?!? I wouldn't touch the stuff. You have no idea how addictive it is.

As for my beautiful profile: it is the product of a demented goddess, a passive-aggressive punny guy, and a delusional penguin. YOLO

  annihil8or  |  15

I think I'm just gonna post comments with even more fucked up grammar just to get at people like you. This isn't a published work; it's a comment on FML, so deal with it.

By  HairyPunisher  |  27

I really don't understand people. Why do SO many people have wild, obnoxious sex that gets so powerfully loud that it always results in an fml because they either get caught, break something, get hurt, or disturb their ENTIRE family? It's called having tact and being quieter or better yet, not having sex while your parents are home AT ALL.