By Nick - 22/08/2010 23:33 - France

Today, I got tased, with the same taser I bought my girlfriend to use on people trying to rob her. FML
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YDI for robbing your girlfriend. Don't you know she has a taser?

y would she do that


haha should have thought twice about that

yes, he should have but what happened that made her tase him?

it could have been worse, she could have shot you with a real gun that you bought her? the thing is, if it was a real gun, she would have been more careful, so in this case I'd say YDI for not telling her to be careful. :)

Irony is a bitch.

If OP is dating someone that would have to be told to "be careful" with a potentially dangerous weapon, than he doesn't deserve it for not telling her to be more careful. He deserves it for dating an idiot.

whatever happened to buying women flowers, chocolate and jewlery?

ydi. for buying your gf a taser just buy her a gun.

^18 what happened to buying the supplies for girls to cook food D:?

18, tasers are cool too. just a present is good for us girls. O_o xD I guess, he just gave it to her to defend herself...

lol that sucks- ok this is for only if she taxed u ther but if not then dammit-: How many times do u have to get tazed in the testicles before u can't have kids?-

33 does it matter?

33, what sucks is your grammar and perhaps the fact that you don't make a lot of sense.

maby she thought u were trying to rob her

black- hey the quote is from a movie ok I was trying to see it anyone recognized it. ffml-- well then fuck u bitch think I give a damn shit..if u want to be a damn grammar cop go do it somewhere else.

42 - You obviously do 'give a damn' seeing as how you took your time to reply to her. And, seeing as how you got defensive.

oh great here we go....ok well there are other fmls to read so there's one reason another is how long it was. and a third is no I'm not being defensive I'm telling it like it is! beside it's how I am. plain and simple ur nice to me I'm nice back but be a prick and well u get the point. anything else?

"Fuck you bitch. Do you think I give a damn? Shit! If you want to be a Grammar Nazi, do it somewhere else." That's better. Now here's my 2 cents. If you want people to respect you and listen to you, learn how to talk with some common sense. Knowledge is key. You will do great things by listening to said "Grammar Nazis."

46 - Yes, you made no sense.

holy shit...just shut the fuck up. damn u didn't have to comment on mine in the first place.

50 you're not much of a peace maker

well u can thank those two above for putting me in a bad mood right now. anyone else want to say anything while we're at it?

Actually if you want to get technical peacemaker, you're all replying to my original comment. Lol

Yes I do. Learn to spell "you". ;)

48 he's trying to explain how you treat him is how your going to get treated.

not helping here at all chris....hey I thought u were mine and the other two's teacher? oh no wait nvm I remember what happened.

Peacemaker, I promise you that everything is going to be OK. I tend to put people in a bad mood. Don't take it personally.

I put you guys on check! Lol idk I say random things when I'm bored. Anyways stop threadjacking! Haha, op I still believe you're dumb for giving someone a taser.

linx- lol ok fine I set myself up for that. black- thank you!!! glad to see someone understood that.

ffml- I don't know.....your promises look like they could be fake to me. jking..... well then you should work on that.

Chris, I say it's smart. Plenty of people get mugged and/or raped out in the streets. A taser would really help.

Or they can learn self defense, and just rely on their skills. Instead of a taser, or any other kind of weapon.

oh yea Chris...what happened to: stop

It's called revelant threadjacking Nick?( or zach? I forgot which one is who lol)

I'm with Chris on that one, the only people should carry tazers are mall security guards and police officers.

Nick. lol like I said ever forget look at my profile. ouch big word hurt brain. no jking

Lol ok Nick. Precious- True, bu depending on which weapon you use or how you use it, it could get you into more trouble. People just need to practice the self defense skills outside of just "training". My master would make us literally fight each other, and he would join us sometimes just so our reaction would be to defend ourselves. Not freeze up, and become defenseless.

Stupid comment bug ate my comment. Chris, I said I've taken self defence classes and boxing. Yet when I got mugged, my first instinct was to reach for my pepper spray. It helps to have one, just saying.

should have brought her condoms!! then you would had sex instead if getting taser! loser

True, but to the people who don't know self defence; it'd be easier to learn to use a maze and/or taser. And, they help a lot. Not everyone learns self defence. :P Also, in self defence they tell you to carry a maze to weaken the opponent. A taser might be a tad too much.

Eh I personally wouldn't, mainly because I would get into a hell of alot more troubl than the other person. Not to mention the police would question me as to why am I carrying a taser in the first place. Plus it isn't hard to disarm someone with a knife or taser, if you're in the right range, and know how to use said skills.

Why would you get in trouble for carrying a taser? They encourage for people to carry a taser and maze.

Well put it this way, the police dep in my town is known by every other police dep in the area as the Nazi police. They have a tendecy of racially profiling people, and barely hide it. Plus if anyone my age, especialy guys were seen with a taser they would be more than happy to go for the arrest, saying we have a weapon. Depending on the size of the taser, and the volts it has, they could easily say it's a lethal weapon.

Oh btw, they're being sued at the moment for racially profiling a black pastor or something. Google it lol, Torrance police sued for racial profiling, or something like that.

Whoa, that's crazy. It's somewhat the same here, but with tourists.

Haha it's a minister, and yea that's anywhere where alot of tourist go, I believe. Especially if you don't know the laws, one will be fucked. Haha

Yup, American tourists are hilarious (no offence) They're always yelling and saying a guy is 'hot' because he has an accent.

And, a lot, and I mean a lot of Americans tend to drive on the opposite side of the road.

I don't take offense, I'm Mexican. if I go to Europe. lmfao. Oh and no you guys have it wrong, why is the driver side on the right side??? lol jk. It's cus we drive on the other side of the road here buddy. Tis the "American Way".

That's what I meant! but, it's always hilarious seeing them. It's the driver! They need to be on the right!

No the driver is on the left!! passengers are on the right. Lol. :D

why OP? did you try and rob her virginity?

then stop trying to rob her.....

don't tase me bro! :D

OP would be dead

Women can only cook, and most guys beat them at that too.

I can see that you had a *sunglasses on* shocking day

ha, that's ironic. but that had to hurt! :(

and how excactly did you do this.

that sucks. it could of been worse if you got tazed in the balls.


Were you trying to rob her?

Yeah, that's a legitament reason to buy a taser because an individual gets robbed so many times in a lifetime.

11 - you're right, it's best to wait until after you are robbed or mugged to get something to defend yourself with. (sarcasm)