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By Anonymous - 13/01/2012 01:07 - United States

Today, I was singing the National Anthem at a school game and totally forgot the words. So I kept singing the same two lines over and over. FML
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that1guy1 13

You'd think if you're in charge of singing the anthem you'd have brushed up on it first... However if you were just in the crowd no big deal.

farnsworth 3

Haha in Canada that'd be more awkward O Canada! Uh.. O Canada! .....o Canada?


that1guy1 13

You'd think if you're in charge of singing the anthem you'd have brushed up on it first... However if you were just in the crowd no big deal.

Yes he should have brushed up, but **** him anyways, u should have known the words already....it was your job to do it right.

Well maybe she has major stage fright, and was randomly chosen to sing the anthem. However she couldn't refuse because she didn't want to piss people off or have them assume she's not patriotic!!! haha I don't know.

farnsworth 3

Haha in Canada that'd be more awkward O Canada! Uh.. O Canada! .....o Canada?

It looks like Professor Farnsworth just got a case of Alzheimer's...

15 - it's a girl not a guy. Btw I think this is a fake fml. Just my opinion, not starting anything.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Don't comment questioning the legitimacy of an FML on FML. Just my opinion, not trying to start anything.

xoconnie 8

HAHA i know everyone hates 'fail' comments but this one deserves it so.... FAIL

Do people not ******* see the gender? It's a girl. Not a guy. Jesus Christ.

leadrunner751 3

damn. not a single Christina aguilara joke?

kristena103 14
nateb1tch 1

In guessing non of you guys are performers. Sometimes the heat of the moment just stuns you.

Real performers get over that shit, or they aren't performers for very long.

i'm sure some kids didn't notice, ungrateful bastards

in my high school, people didn't even stand or hold up their hands during the anthem and would talk to their friends during. i know it's a free country but they should at least respect the person singing it (not trying to start an argument)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Today's kids, and people in general, are slowly losing their sense of respect towards anyone. They feel so entitled that they forget they're not the only person on earth, and that everyone else is human too.

very well said. your comments are inspirational. i totally agree and it's sad

Thumbs up to 31 I couldn't agree more. Especially since watching the human race is getting more and more depressing. Ignorance is the product of arrogance and looking around me, I just... *sob* I can't take it anymore!!!!!!

insanelyXnikki 18

I'm 17 and can verify everything said in this thread... people of my age group really are forgetting how to have respect for others. A lot of people don't even really know how to care for one another anymore. And the ones that do still have respect feel embarrassed by their peers' behaviors. Hopefully most of us will just grow out of it but I don't know... :/

people have always been ignorant and rash. nothing will change that.

171- I agree, reality has always been a living hell. Since the beginning of life everything has suffered from the moment it was born. The reason life sucks is the only thing that has changed.

Most people don't remember their nation anthem, so don't worry.

Yeah, or people who can't spell national anthem. It's all good.

5 probably meant to say "their nation's anthem."

Or maybe he meant nation's anthem as in a possessive term since USA isn't the only country with a anthem....

136, USA isn't the ONLY country with an anthem. Australia has a national anthem.

Dude, you suck dick at making comments

Pretty much every, if not EVERY, country has an anthem.

suckerfish 9

so you got nervous and messed up that happens to everyone don't sweat it OP

RochelleRedvines 8

Yeah, hell, even Christina Aguilera messed up!

are you serious? jump off a cliff you communist!

SeedlessMe 13

Hey Kelsarella, Being a bitch is not attractive either. :]

Is it weird that I thumbed up both 50 and 85?

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I agree with 9. The words are obviously: Oh say can you see By the dawns early light... ...Oh say can you see By the dawns early light

bamagrl410 31

How do you not know the words to your own national anthem? I know it's just a song, but it's not exactly that hard... I'm just saying

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GoW_Chick 14

The pledge of allegiance is easy to remember, it's imprinted in your brain at an early age, the national anthem, not as easy to remember.

bamagrl410 31

Every school I've been to has taught it in some way or another whether they actually sat us down & handed us the words, had someone perform it at any and every schoolwide event or whatever.

I know im in a different country to you. But even here in austrailia. Its taught in kindergarten and we used to have to sing it every school assembly... This isnt for all schools do though... Areas in west sydney, heavily populated by middle eastern people do not sing the national anthem at schools.