By can’t nerd right - 4/8/2020 02:02

Insane parents

Today, I was wondering why the new book series I'd ordered hadn’t arrived. I ordered new books because my mom constantly bitched at me about being on the internet too often. She took my laptop away to "teach me a lesson". Only I need my laptop to get the confirmation number to track my books. FML
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By  rotflqtms_  |  18

Sign in on whatever device you posted the FML from and track the books. You don't NEED the laptop to get the books. Unless it's super late, you don't even need to track it. You could just wait for it or sign in on your other device. If it can access FML, it can access the website that you bought your books from... and wherever your confirmation number was sent.

By  kateannobrien  |  20

It sounds like a solid choice for her to take it away. Especially because you’re making up unnecessary reasons why you ‘need’ it. Learn to live without constantly being on one form of electronic device or another.