By overly nationalistic redneck - 19/10/2013 19:37 - Norway - Ytre Arna

Today, after recently complaining that the reality show "The Great Norway Adventure" portrays us as a country of nationalistic rednecks, I saw my drunk dad chasing my uncle on a tractor while bellowing the national anthem at the top of his lungs. FML
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Well put down your beer and go stop them, god damn stupid rednecks.

It's okay, OP. Your country's redneck TV shows will always be overshadowed by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty.


Well put down your beer and go stop them, god damn stupid rednecks.

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Did he also drive to your house in a tractor with a radio strapped to the dash and a beer in his hand?

He had an overdose on the go-go juice.

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tsent8 15

The beer could've been in the duct tape cup holder.

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Seriously, after that song, Norway catapulted to the forefront of modern culture.

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Jævla helvete! I wanna move to Norway. Jeg elsker Norway

Rednecks are hell of a fun!!! If you want to enjoy your life you might as well spend a day in south!! It would be your best experience ever.

honestly, rednecks are some of the most ingenuitive people I know.. even if they have fun chasing each other on tractors

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How can they be redneck, Norway has a fantastic literacy rate and better test scores than America by far

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Yea, they know their beer better than anybody ;)

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58- Then why do they always go for the cheap shit?

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Rednecks dont have to be thick. ever seen Duck Dynesty. self proffessed rednecks but are smarter than a lot of people on reality shows. hell they are smarter than a lot of people i know in real life.

Smart Rednecks are the pillar of all our societies. Drunk Rednecks need to be kept away from heavy machinery.

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Ash and bobby from supernatural were pretty ******* smart. Smart rednecks make for amazing characters. Just throwing that out there.

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49- I'm a redneck, but I take AP and gifted classes, and I'm number 30 in my class of 560.

totally agree, 87. would you consider Jo and Ellen to be rednecks?

I'm sorry but just because the US has rednecks, does that mean our big cities are not literate or smart? Norway has incredible parts but like all countries there are the rural areas... Don't say dumb comments that don't achieve anything but show you don't think them through...

Corrupt_waffles 13

102: Not particularly. Just bad ass ladies with guns. I adore Jo and I'm not usually a fan of female characters.

I didn't like Jo - no idea why. Loved Ellen and that physcic!

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Oh the irony is strong in this FML... Lol.

It's okay, OP. Your country's redneck TV shows will always be overshadowed by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty.

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Shows so bad that some people pass out watching them. Don't worry OP, your country certainly isn't the one with the redneck problem.

Canada is one of the most redneck countries for sure lol

I can believe 26 on this one. I mean...look at Trevor from GTA V

Trevor probably came from Alberta if you want specifics.

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I can watch Duck Dynasty. It's not nearly as bad as Honey boo boo, which I only heard about no first hand experience. Shows like Jersey Shore and the Real World are the ******* worst in my opinion. Bunch of self entitled fuckheads getting drunk and acting like loons. At least Duck Dynasty isn't covering spray tanned alcoholics breeding like a bunch of ******* rats. Though, I live in the country and all the shit they do on Duck Dynasty looks pretty damn fun to me.

As a Canadian. I must disagree and apologize for making you think that.

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YES!! It's not just us Americans anymore!

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The Statue of Liberty's draft text said "Bring us your rednecks...." It was changed so we wouldn't catch on.

I don't know, that sounds like a great time.

I can't even begin to say how awesome that sounds. If I were you, I would be laughing my butt off taking pictures. There are some things that family can do with each other that you can't find anywhere else. Be proud to be a Norwegian!!! Totally not an FML. It's too great, and funny.

*adds Norway to list of "typical" countries*