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By  dereksboo44  |  16

Probably Stay with Me


I don't think OP meant it that way, I think it's more of a FML bc the song didn't mean what OP thought it did.

I went to HS with a girl who was devastated when we told her Meatloaf's "I will do anything for love" was not a song about abstinence.


what type of gay people are you talking about? Might not be as offrnsive as some people think. Because technically you aren't wrong if you mean gay people when using gay as meaning happy. As that was the first definition of the word.

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

So what if the song is about gay people? You don't have to be gay to enjoy it. Hell, I listen to songs in other languages and can't understand a word, but I still enjoy listening to them.

The point being, if it's a good song and you feel like you can vibe with it, the rest shouldn't matter. And if a song you related to being written about gay people is really the biggest thing you can complain about, you must have a pretty good life.

Also it kinda makes you sound like a bigot for posting an FML about it, because it leaves the implication that the "gay" part is what's bugging you about it. But that's not my place to assume.


I think it's more that the song's about sex than it is that it's about gay people. Granted, they didn't have to specify, but I didn't get the feeling there was any homophobia in the post. They're just disappointed it's about sex and not sadness.