By whinywiper - 25/05/2012 15:10 - Canada

Today, I realized that the reason there is no toilet paper in the house is because both my parents are too stubborn to be the one who goes out to buy more. It's been five days. FML
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duckie227 22

Buy a roll for yourself and keep it in your room

Put laxatives in their drinks. It'll force them to buy toilet paper or else.


duckie227 22

Buy a roll for yourself and keep it in your room

Thats what i thought :)

Or OP start using your parents socks and when they ask you about it, just be like there is no toilet paper so I need something to wipe.

Well OP time to grow up and buy your own shit tickets

What good is toilet paper when it's in your room?

TarieBoo 2

95-.....common sense would be to bring the toilet paper from your room to the bathroom when you go.....

QueenQuay77 10

That's what happen on an episode of George Lopez lol, if anybody watch that

It's gonna suck when you learn how to drive op

ZX6Rninja 0

127 Nope nobody watches it

TwiztedYuri 9

once you hit puberty you'll find out real quick

142 I watch George Lopez that show is hilarious

RocketNinjaFish 12

if you are within walking distance to the shop, you should just take one of their wallets and buy more yourself. no reason for you to suffer because they are too lazy to go.

SuperDerp 8

Or if your still in school, take some from a stall. It's cheeky, but it'll get you through this fight your parents are having.

Let's hope the forest isn't filled with Mosquitos or the OP will be itching his butt for days.

Make sure to use the big green leaves, the brown ones sting.

cardonaj70 3

Leaves school with pockets filled with toilet paper

Just do yourself a favor when your in the forest....stay away from the poison ivy.

A nice smooth rock does the trick too

No, it doesn- Ohhhh, I see what you did, thar

JocelynKaulitz 28

Leaves…natures toilet paper :D

I'm surprised no one has corrected me yet, but I meant "OP will be 'scratching' his butt for days", Sorry about that.

just be like those middle Easterns and use your "dirty" hand. it can be washed and you save paper. talk about a win win.

I wouldn't consider wiping my hand in my own feces a "win."

Erm just a bit of inappropriate racism?

from your comment and your profile you sound like a huge D-bag

So shuckfit you post "4:20 alllll day" on your profile? You must smoke marijuana sooo much.

Damn Noor, you did my job for me! And a hell of a good job too. Well done. Very well done indeed.

You lack intelligence and you have an illness called ignorance that can never be healed. Middle Eastern people use toilet paper and wash their hands -_____-

Dude middle easterns are not dirty. Most freak out if someone lets a dog in the house (: personal experiences

c8750 2

I agree with all above commenters however I believe #3 is referring to a joke in the movie outsourced

Pallywhack 4

Noor - There are many areas in the middle east where using one's dirty hand is still the primary method of cleaning oneself.

79- this is true. That is why, in some cultures, it is offensive to offer your left hand in a handshake because that hand is considered the "dirty" hand used to wipe themselves. People don't realize that there are millions of people who would consider indoor plumbing and toilet paper a luxury. Yes, toilet paper is considered a luxury in some parts of the world. I get where 3 was coming from but his delivery is horrible.

74-I've seen Outsourced aswell. And it takes place in America and then in India, which is in Asia, not the Middle East. Therefore your argument is invalid. Good movie, though.

#3's profile "^WoodGang^ > 4:20 allll day " Plus a picture taken in a bathroom showing off his Dr Dre beat headphones, haircut and a smug smile. Ohhh this boys gonna get raped.

I got a lot on my mind, and see shit like ShuckFit's comments to deal with daily. So don't come on here to play devils advocate, it makes you look stupid. ShuckFit, take your sweet ass time to come up with a witty response. We'll be waiting. ^FMLgangLULZ!!!^ > The time changes allll day.

I think he needs to go to another part of the world and see how people actually live instead of just assuming.

Put laxatives in their drinks. It'll force them to buy toilet paper or else.

I shudder to think of the mess that would ensue if this plan fails...

To the towels and cashmere sweaters!

NiqueNique 0

Wow dhat would be so funny ta watch. Hey can I have ur numba.

What have you been wiping yourself with for the past five days then? O.o

Three sea shells.

This is one question we dont ask

Cashmere sweaters.

Probably with her mom's cashmere sweaters. edit/ Wow, I was really not expecting someone else to crack the same joke a minute before I did.

MizzErikaHart 8

Maybe op has a bidet....

Pages from the Twilight Saga books.

A brick, obviously. They just feel so lovely on the derrière.

Kleenex always does the job for me when I'm too lazy to grab a new role.

theneatoburrito 8

How many thumbs down do you think I'll get for correcting your "role" to "roll"? Sorry, I'm a Grammar Nazi. I can't help it! It's like a disease.

I was more concerned that he was suggesting something which I'm sure OP must've done by now...

Ninjasaurus18 9


Btw, people do use a small bucket, soap and water in different countries.

Good thing OP isn't there then. That sounds like it sucks.

I come from a country that uses soap and water and actually, it doesn't suck.

A large majority of the world actually still use the soap and water routine. So for next time: "Ugh FML...but at least I have toilet paper! Yeah!!"

22cute 17

I must ask you...HOW do you use those 3 things? I lived in Kenya for years & then traveled through the Mid-East and no one ever explained the process. I still wonder...

I *think* it's water/wipethepoo, liquid soap, lots of water, soap hand, water... I think...I'm a toilet paper fan so that's a guess.

They use soap, water, and a bucket to wipe? O.o I kid, I kid.

Don't understand why you haven't just bought it yourself...

wow! lazy ass people! it's called WALKING!! chances are that the nearest store isn't more than a 20 minute walk. and if it is, take the BUS. ever heard of that?? if I need something that desperately and my parents can't take me to the store, I walk. and that's with a bummed leg.

There IS this strange new fad...what was it called? Wallki-no, wok-no, that's not it... It rhymes with talking...

25 - I think you need to calm down just a bit.

Maybe OP has no money

31-If the only issue is who will go get it, I'm sure the parents would be happy to lend OP the money to buy it.

dmmcintyre3 8

25: Public transit in many places consists of: Taxis School Buses walking on the side of the road or in the ditch/grass beside the road. There isn't even sidewalks for most of the trip between my house and the closest Walmart.

41-Yeah, that actually makes more sense.

36- then don't shop at Walmart? Most places are required to have a grocery store within 2 miles of each other - so chances are you have a grocery store or convenience store within a 20 minute walk.

RedPillSucks 31

Some places are rural and might have neither a close store or bus service. Not every one lives where you live.

ArielTheMermaid 17

25-Where I live, it's about a 20 minute drive down a highway to get to a store that would sell toilet paper. OP just may not be able to go somewhere themselves

eliaaa11 2

same for me. i live in a far off place theres not even street lights on our streets or road. side walks? yeah right.

simplylost643 0

#49- Please, do tell exactly who requires that a shop be placed within 2 miles of each other. Is this actual law where you're from, or are you just talking out of your ass? Closest shop to where I live is 11 miles. Who exactly would I call to tell them to get me a closer shop?

notyobabymomma 4

Actually in the town I'm originally from the nearest store is a 30 minute drive, and we don't have buses and taxis won't come out that far

TheDrifter 23

Bicycle, moped, dirt bike, quad, dune buggy, hitch hiking? There is always a way to get there if you try.

reddudeover 2

How do you know how old OP is? A 13yr old hitch hiking? No there's not always away sometimes you're just screwed!

TheDrifter 23

I hitched all the time before I was 16, but mostly I biked.

Perhaps the op is younger and doesn't have a cent to his/her name.

106 - And if you don't own a moped, bike, etc? I sure don't and I live in a city rather than a rural area. Not to mention hitch-hiking can be extremely dangerous! You never know who you are getting into a lockable vehicle with. That is never something I would suggest. The only alternative I could suggest is phoning a friend or friends parent for help or a ride. Say OP was 11: would you want your 11 year old kid in a car with a potential serial killer? Hell no! If OP has someone Rey trust then they should ask for help, never go with someone you don't know!!

I live 15+ miles from the nearest store, in a rural area so there are no forms of public transportation, and maybe OP does to so shut your mouth before you are rude and make sure you know the whole story.

TheDrifter 23

City People are so paranoid. If you're in the city, tp isn't far away, if you're in the country, chances are that everyone on the road is local, and we run undesirables out of our towns quick. Calling neighbors to tell them their kid is at or on his way to the store is nothing new where I come from.

I'm a twenty minute walk from my nearest neighbor so..

TwiztedYuri 9

that time of the month I see. its called a joke no need to get so angry. relax eat some ice cream of your choice and let the days go by. come back in a week :)

tctheamazing 7

25-I live about six miles to the closest store that sells toilet paper. More than a twenty minute walk! And guess what? Buses aren't common where I live, I live in the country! Just saying, that seems like a long walk that'll take a long time. But Op should just get a friend to give them some when they see them,; I'm sure they'll be glad to help(:

OP's gotta give up going to the bathroom I guess. I did, cold turkey. :P

I have a roommate just like that, so i just went and got myself TP and hide it in my room. This way you don't have to suffer too.