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Today, there was a forest fire in my town. I was still forced to go to school, as it was safer. A lot of people decided not to go, and we ended up doing nothing but watching the news reports. There, I got to see my house burning on live TV. FML
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Hey just be lucky you were at school rather than still in your house.. That burns OP.

Well, Look on the bright side.. If you were in the house you would have burned down with it..


Hey just be lucky you were at school rather than still in your house.. That burns OP.

It must have been like watching a tree fall slowly your car as you watch helplessly from the window of a building

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I'm wondering if it's the fire happening here in Glendora, CA...? if so, I'm sorry OP. I'm sorry that a bunch of idiots decided to start a campfire when there were clearly signs that said to not have any campfires!

So there was a town on a forest? I'm pretty sure there are boundaries between the forest and the town.

Are you a special kind of stupid?

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Some towns are really In Touch with nature like my back yard is full of trees so no there are no boundaries between forest and town just building or there are trees

I get why this is an FML moment, but take a second and be thankful that you avoided possible death! I hope that no one was hurt.

But if OP was there, he could have prepared by digging a ditch around his house or something. But I guess if that didn't work at least he wasn't in the house.

I don't get what is with the people who voted "You deserved it" . I hope they meant it in a way that says "you deserved to be forced to go to school so you wouldn't have had to be there when it happened" , otherwise , I hope karma teaches them a lesson .

Thirsty much?

Adrian, your first comment was stupid and your second one made no sense. Just stop.

Exactly! This is not an fml as it focuses too much on going to school. Op is so lucky they went to school. I've heard that in America the attitude or maybe it's a fact, that you can escape fires/ "run away." But in Australia, which is where I am from, it's way different, bush fires can be deadly and you cannot escape a lot of the time. So reading this, I'm thinking of like Australian fires but I still consider this as a very lucky moment.

Yes, #113, because we all have the time and capability of digging a 10 yard trench all around our house when we hear there's a fire. Best idea I've heard for a long time! Who in the world wouldn't want to do that?

#98 wow are you actually retarded.

Hey, I accidentally disliked your comment. Sorry :(

Well, Look on the bright side.. If you were in the house you would have burned down with it..

A captain always goes down with his ship.

Damn OP, you have my condolence

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if my xbox, computer and stuff burned down i wouldnt mind going down with it.

Or.. he would have noticed a huge forest fire coming his way and left his house before it reached him.

#122 Please tell me you have more to live for then just that.

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Well, #135, he has oxygen, but the fire took that, too :(. So unfortunately, there really is nothing else for him to live for.

I really hope OP's parents or pets weren't in the house either.

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#78: Just the one?

Im so sorry op! But at least you were at school and bot in the house :/

could be extra sad if OP really loved that 'bot.

See, school DOES save your life, not just educationally and financially.

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I'm sorry, #154, but did you dispute that? *facepalm* Somebody sure forgot why the fuck they even go to college in the first place.

Wow... This is one of those sad FML'S where you really can't deserve it. FML indeed OP.

Damn autocorrect... FYL*

Soooo self involved

Yeah, but people still hit YDI anyway.

28 that is what makes it even sadder

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People need that badge I guess

#28, a lot of people hit YDI trying to get the medals for 500 ydi's or just on accident. And then there are the few assholes who just click it for fun.

OP do you have Allstate ;)

#148 Too soon…

That's terrible! I hope no family-members were hurt! At least you were safe.


Wow... Sorry OP, that's a pretty legit FML. Hope everyone is ok

You got saved by the bell

I guess it's a good thing you went to school then! You could have died or been injured! Sucks that your house burnt down though! :(

Sorry to hear that OP! On the bright side you weren't in harms way. You parents sending you to school might have saved your life.

What kind of asshole must you be to click YDI?

Trolls, misclicks, assholes, and people who believe "there's a side we don't know here"

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Forest fires are rather predictable if you build suburbs in dry woodland, as Americans and Australians like to do. But since OP is probably a minor, that's his parents' responsibility.


Misclick is the only legitimate excuse there

#25, you really can't build out of the way of a natural disaster if that's what you're implying. Anywhere you go in the world there's different types of unpredictable, yet possible disaster. Like living in a cold, close to the ocean climate, I expect blizzards, floods, and possibly hurricanes, but get the security of not having tornados, earthquakes, or droughts (on a realistically common basis). It is not his parents fault, it's the 4 idiots that forgot to put out their campfire and are now being prosecuted, as well as nature to an extent.

and here in America we don't build out of the way of natural disasters! rebuilding new Orleans, living in Florida, California with their earthquakes and never ending fires, etc

#19 the side we don't know is that her started the fire hoping to get off school

Some people hit both just for the heck of it, and for some, it could be OCD kicking in.

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#44: Nobody says you should avoid all risk, that's a strawman. Some places are safer than others. If you build a house in an unprotected floodplane, on an active volcano, or in the middle of the woods, you're asking for trouble. Especially if it's a wooden house. And if you think you can prevent forest fires by listening to Smokey Bear, you're a bigger idiot than whoever started the fire. Ever heard of lightning? All that fuel is going to burn sooner or later.

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The houses don't have to be in the middle of the woods. Typically, in a lot of suburban areas, even the former farm land areas, some trees are preserved, or replanted, to attract various wildlife. forest fire sparks can travel airborne from spot to spot and can spread from the forest to these areas.

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#25- you do realize that everywhere, EVERYWHERE, was in a natural state before people started building and paving over it. No matter where you live, you are vulnerable to natural or man made disasters. Now there are cities such as New York for example, that are mostly pavement and large buildings, there's nothing wrong with living there but I personally love that my back yard is connected to woods. Can you tell me someplace that's immune to them? Homes in the desert are at risk for drought and dust storms( plus many more), people near wooded areas are at risk for fires and tornados( again many more), people by the ocean are at risk for hurricanes. I guess we could all live underground. But even then we'd have to worry about our roof caving in. Your statement was probably one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

@30 I've done that before and was like "oops sorry"