By hopeless romantic - 14/08/2014 15:06 - United States - Dayton

Today, I realized my dog looks at me with way more love in his eyes than my own boyfriend does. FML
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Thinkitthrough 23

No person can match the loyalty of a dog.


Thinkitthrough 23
Kyle1dc 17

They are man's best friend.... oh wait.

JMichael 25

Dogs will always show more love than a human does. We're just strange complicated creatures.

Exactly. OP should be more upset if her boyfriend looked at her with more love in her eyes than her own boyfriend.

#100, you had me go back and read the FML one more time. Maybe you should do it too. Multiple times.

The dog is blackmailing your boyfriend.

Sorry, I meant to say "OP should be more worried if her boyfriend looked at her with more love in his eyes than her own dog." How embarrassing.

XBurytheCastleX 25

Dogs are the only animals that can love you more than themselves.

No person can match the loyalty of a dog.

#18 You kinda sound like someone you'd find In a mental hospital

And you sound like someone who won't be breathing much longer >:)

Run 27, RUN! Just drop everything and run if you value your life. He knows where you live so get the hell outta there!!

schhichick 14

Except for Westley when it comes to Buttercup

Well, 27, it's safe to assume you're not a dog person.

Only because they rely on you to keep the surviving. Once you stop, they will turn on you or lose loyalty. :)

How the hell do you measure the amount of love in an eye?

nlm92 15

It was a metaphor yes but #6 was pointing out that you can't tell how much someone loves you by the look in their eyes. Sometimes it may be a good indicator but the proof is in their actions and acts of appreciation. We might know it's usually a metaphor but many people, possibly including OP, take a literal interpretation of it.

Eyes are the windows to a one's soul.

Has the dog been with you longer then the boyfriend?

I hate to be that person but it's than not then.

rldostie 19

Don't worry--most dogs are like that. It's unconditional love. There's nothing like a love between person and dog.

Of course your dog does, that's what happens when you date someone who's blind.