By UnSupported - 14/08/2014 15:28 - United States - North Kingstown

Today, I excitedly told my family that, after years of studying and dedication, I've been awarded a full scholarship to Germany. My mom's reaction was to start sobbing about me becoming a "heathen" and my dad and brother started telling Nazi jokes. FML
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Bet you did nazi that coming :D

At least in Germany they won't be within reich.


Bet you did nazi that coming :D

Anne Frankly, OP is probably still in shock.

All right I see where you all are going with this, but lets stop before this goes any führer.

Kyle1dc 17

OP's in the Reich and they're in the wrong. Heil be back though.


did jew guys really have to go there?

Wow, it must've taken a lot of concentration to come up with those puns. Frankly, I don't think I could do that.

nlm92 15

Nice try 33


Her family are being a bunch of Deutschbags.

Jew guys are acting like you're nein.

Jew guys are acting like you're nein

I give these jokes a nein out of ten

OP should tell then to go to heil and then gaze into their eyes.

I bet OP is nacht laughing at these jokes

I've been trying to think of a pun but I can't really concentrate on it. I might need a glass of jews and a cookie out of the oven to get me motivated.

Kyle1dc 17

#106 You forgot a nice shower as well.

Yikes. Go out there and do your best in school, and prove them wrong! :D

schhichick 14

Just like when Westley worked hard on the Dread Pirate Roberts ship and then finally became the Dread Pirate Roberts and because of his hard work he also saved the love of his life!

What exactly is she proving them wrong about? They didn't handle the news to OP's satisfaction but they never said she's gonna fail.

37 - I've only seen two of your comments today, but both were princess bride related. Its a good movie, but did you like just watch it, or are you just that addicted to it? lol

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#37 has made a ton of Princess Bride related quotes on multiple FMLs. It may be the best movie ever, but the comments are getting pretty redundant when that's ALL you comment about.

At least in Germany they won't be within reich.

OP should just say Aufwiedersehen to their family and enjoy Germany

Yeah, ops family sound like complete deutschbags

A grammar Nazi in the making?


light hearted family eh?

Father of the year right there!

Anne frankly, I would do the same also

That joke should have been left in the attic...

You didn't hide your pun too well.

Kyle1dc 17

You better concentrate on that.

I did Nazi that coming

But seriously, what does Germany have to do with becoming a heathen?

Agreed. If America didn't already ruin you, I don't think Germany will.

To become a heathen does not mean to be ruined ^.

@7 My guess would be that the family is quite religious and concerned that the OP is going to a substantially more secularist country. Thereby pulling him away from the family's hard line stance on which ever faith they ascribe too. Believing, that OP's new living arrangements will result in OP becoming a heathen, no matter how ridiculous a belief that may be.

Well, Norse pagans tend to use the term "heathen" to describe themselves, if memory serves.

I'd rather be a heathen than a believer.

homesuckfucker 28

OP, don't let them get you down. Even though I'm sure they mean it all in good humor, it's understandable that you'd be upset. But you worked very hard to get where you are. Good job, and best of luck.

martin8337 35

What do your folks have against Germany? Descendents of the holocaust?

BananaMan844 4

It's okay, OP. Just start telling American jokes!

No. If he does that they'll sue him for emotional distress.