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Today, I excitedly told my family that, after years of studying and dedication, I've been awarded a full scholarship to Germany. My mom's reaction was to start sobbing about me becoming a "heathen" and my dad and brother started telling Nazi jokes. FML
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  schhichick  |  14

Just like when Westley worked hard on the Dread Pirate Roberts ship and then finally became the Dread Pirate Roberts and because of his hard work he also saved the love of his life!

  Nordrag  |  26

37 - I've only seen two of your comments today, but both were princess bride related. Its a good movie, but did you like just watch it, or are you just that addicted to it? lol


#37 has made a ton of Princess Bride related quotes on multiple FMLs. It may be the best movie ever, but the comments are getting pretty redundant when that's ALL you comment about.

  Ryan8878  |  21

@7 My guess would be that the family is quite religious and concerned that the OP is going to a substantially more secularist country. Thereby pulling him away from the family's hard line stance on which ever faith they ascribe too. Believing, that OP's new living arrangements will result in OP becoming a heathen, no matter how ridiculous a belief that may be.

By  homesuckfucker  |  28

OP, don't let them get you down. Even though I'm sure they mean it all in good humor, it's understandable that you'd be upset. But you worked very hard to get where you are. Good job, and best of luck.