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By givemestrength - 14/08/2014 10:31 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my boss expects me to conduct a meeting with a client, give him all the info he needs, and manage his campaign. This is because he fired the "expensive" marketing director and wants me, the intern, to continue his work. FML
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Unless he is paying you I wouldn't help him at all. His stupidity doesn't warrant you having to help.

That's actually great work experience....even if it lasts for a day....


Unless he is paying you I wouldn't help him at all. His stupidity doesn't warrant you having to help.

Lebeaugars95 20

tell him you think that sounds like an expensive job, nudge nudge wink wink

And his response would probably be 'sounds like you're out of a job, nudge nudge wink wink'

schhichick 14

It is like Count Ruegan using Westley on The Machine and then having Prince Humperdink turn The Machine to the max!!

Respect101 17

Interns don't get paid. An intern is just so the person gets on the job experience. They don't any pay from the company at all. So what OP is about to do is for free.

Respect101 17

Fair enough, your right. Sorry.

incoherentrmblr 21

This is how businesses are milking the internship programs for their worth of essential free labor. Unless your internship is PAID, don't do more work than what is required by your program/institution, unless they offer you a job, hopefully with benefits...

Imagine the "expensive" marketing director FML situation, he was replaced by an intern just because the owner or GM is too cheap & stupid to appreciate his work!

I know that your boss or whoever it is, is being cheap, but think of it as an opportunity to kick some ass! Seriously if you can pull it off it'll give you some good credit. People will look at you and say that you're a hard worker. If people see you are determined and motivated, they will more likely help you out in future situations or give you a good recommendation if you ever need one. If it's absolutely unreasonable then try talking to your boss, just quitting or stopping without explanation could make you seem unhelpful, and hard to get along with. Anyway that's my two cents!

I'd demand more pay, that is if he's paying you at all. :/

"if he's paying you at all" Not to hard to understand...

There's such a thing as a paid intern #38...

schhichick 14

Just like when Westley demanded Prince Humperdink to sit in the chair!

59- i like you a lot better because of your Princess Bride references

sofitina 20

Unless you are getting paid for the job, I would talk to your boss about this. interns aren't usually paid. maybe this is his way of hiring you as market director? :)

skyeyez9 24

The boss will Probably later hire OP, but at half the pay of the previous marketing director.

sofitina 20

Which isn't too bad considering he's just an intern now.

That's actually great work experience....even if it lasts for a day....

Agreed. Internships benefit the intern "just as much" as the businesses itself. Just because the OP might not get paid cash, doesn't mean they shouldn't look at it as getting paid with the experience. It can also be a hassle for the business to taking time out of their day having to train them. At my job, I'm in charge of training the new employees and I don't get paid more to do so. Many times they're more of a burden and in my way but I look at it as passing the touch. OP, get the experience and put it down as part of building your future résumé.

I don't think the problem is how much OP is getting paid, if at all. I think the problem is that OP's boss is expecting him to do a whole lot of work that is an entire other job. Op's boss thought the marketing director was too expensive so he just gave all the work that the marketing director would do to OP, probably on top of what he already does, and what he probably isn't even qualified for. And I bet the boss will be upset when the work isn't up to par of what the marketing director could have done. OP, tell your boss that it's too much work for one person/an intern to do, also tell him you don't have the experience for it (if that's one of your concerns) and recommend he find another marketing director, a cheaper one if that's his main issue. He shouldn't expect you, an intern, to be doing all that work that someone else, and someone in that specialized field, should be doing just because he thinks it's too expensive.

mvc3ftw 17

...You can't pay bills with work experience.

johnrdz3 24

"Work experience". I'd prefer a nice little apartment

ask to be paid with cookies, soda and Netflix

He's getting paid in trident layers actually

aha its trident! I was going to quote that commercial but I couldn't remember the gum name

Haha that commercial made me laugh. It's pretty good gum too!

grogers311 20

This is your chance , just take it..i don't see this as a fml

sofitina 20

Its an FML because as an intern, he probably isn't going to be paid.

Unless he has another person to do the job, I don't think he could fire you. But I agree with #1, unless you're getting paid more, don't do it.

I'd say leave but if the internship is really worth it then good luck OP.

trellz17 19

Maybe if you do it well enough he'll hire you. Think positive!

Exactly, this could be your chance, OP! For all you know, this could go really well and you will end up looking like a million bucks.

whatz_going_on 24

Does he really want a boss who would dump all this work on an intern, just to save some money? I'm assuming op doesn't have experience doing that stuff yet, so you have to question how good of a boss he is if he would trust an intern with a client like that.

Exactly my thoughts 21! Sounds like he needs a marketing director, not an intern who may not even be qualified or in that area of expertise. Plus I bet the boss will be mad if it's not up to par on what the other marketing director could have done.

Agreed, 21. OP, imagine if this company ends up hiring you. What if your boss ends up doing the same thing to you? What if a new intern, just as capable as you, comes along, and your boss sees that new guy as free labor? Guess what: you'd be out of a job, just like the poor marketing guy before you. From that point of view, I don't know if it would even be a good idea to stick with that company if said company is eager to dump employees that require something as simple as a paycheck in exchange for their hard work.

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