By anonymous - 24/02/2015 11:50 - United Kingdom - Lancaster

Today, whilst laying in bed with my girlfriend, she received a flirty message from her ex on her phone asking if she wanted to go to the cinema. She replied, knowing I could see the screen. The messages were signed with a love heart and about 15 kisses. She claims they are still just friends. FML
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Maybe you two should be "just friends" then...

Wish I had friends like that


Is she stupid or something? Sorry op.

Why is he downvoted? She must be stupid, texting emotes, or whatever they're called, implying love to her ex in obvious sight of her current boyfriend (OP) while knowing he's watching, then claiming they're "friends."

No, she thinks he's stupid.

I don't understand, do you mean #1 thinks OP is stupid, or OP's GF thinks he's stupid?

Stupid is as stupid does.

I agree she must be pretty stupid, but why would anyone no matter how stupid they are do that and be totally serious? Couldn't she be joking?

Agree with 59, everyone's getting mad at her but why would she write that if she was guilty AND she knew OP could see? Maybe she's just one of those people who uses a bazillion kisses and emotions for everything.

It may also be that deep down she wants OP to know that she's cheating. Or she wants him to break up with her

My older comment was to #40.

68- or she knows OP won't leave her. my ex did this to me, said a lot of shit any strong person would not tolerate but he knew I was insecure and took advantage of it and enjoyed it too.

59, even if she was joking, she's still stupid and there's still a problem because her ex is going to a movie with her and I'm assuming he doesn't know she's joking.

#51 I meant that OP's girlfriend thinks OP is stupid enough to believe that she and her ex are just friends.

Yea, friends with potential benefits..

1dvs_bstd 41

lol at 'potential benefit' OP your girlfriend is a bitch that other bitches would deny. Either tell her to cut him off totally (since it's a very unacceptable and inappropriate behavior in a relation) or... and I hate when people always say this on FML but you shouldn't stick around any longer.. chances are either they're boning or will potentially start boning.

Wish I had friends like that

Dump her ass

I would've dumped her ass.

I would dump every part of her.

Dumped everything but the booty.

Maybe you two should be "just friends" then...

I wouldn't even want to be "just friends" after that. Especially if it's been going on for quite awhile. I'd ditch the bitch. Sorry to hear it though OP.

#6 that was perfect!

Go with them to the movie

Frillwee95 12

Sit right behind them and constantly throw popcorn at the "ex", when confronted reply " sorry too much butter" followed with a winky face.

Just friends with benefits OP, nothing to worry about

Ditch the bitch.

Go with them to the movie! See for yourself what's going on.