By MeanMother - 28/06/2012 20:29 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, I realized just how much of a bitch I am when I grounded my son for not telling me what he got me for my birthday. FML
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Admitting it is the first step. To rehab you go.

I dont think you go to rehab for that...

I dont think they treat chronic bitch syndrome

Damn_Hippster 11

CBS is a growing concern in modern society, she may need to consult with a specialist.

mylifesucks_fml 1

psh, if my mom grounded me for that I'd just say "I got you air to keep breathing. -_-" and take her real present back.

Wow. Your son really is the son of a bitch.

jajaflan 4

I didnt no my mom had a fml... I hate you mom if you read this... It was a necklace

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They treat for mad cow disease so we're fine.

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Yes, admitting you're a bitch is the first step. Apologizing is the second. Learning how to parent correctly is the third (there are plenty of books in the library to teach you) O, and if OPs son is reading - take back her necklace and get her a parenting book.

117, when you say "it was a necklace", does that mean you (rightfully) returned the necklace back to the store? Please tell me you did. Your mom is a bigger bitch than Kyle's mom, and shes a big fat bitch.

jajaflan 4

241- i never gave it to her because she grounded me. I still have it and dont have plans on giving it to her until she eats poop from the toilet and apoligizes

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Nice parenting. Poor kiddo;/

I hope op's birthday gets skipped on the calendar this year. You don't deserve presents

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OP sounds like my mom :D and yeah poor kid unground the kid!

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Mom you obviously dont get the point of grounding, I still have my phone. And since when did you get an FML you can barely operate a microwave

syley 5

125) not sure if you're making a joke or serious...

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I'm being dead serious, why would I joke about something like this

125 - I thought jajafan was the kid? Wtf?! Whos the real son?

alphaskater09 9

250-probably no one. People just like attention.

At least you realise it now, but that's still heaps mean :/

I was just about to write something similar to your comment. It's better to know that now than deny it and continue being a bitch. Apologize to your son and go for a drive with him or something to show you really are sorry. That's what I would do.

Yeah I would hate to have op as a mother ( no offense)

Impatient much? C'mon, surprises are the best! Well...some.

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Surprises ARE the best! Unless it's... Surprise buttsex...

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Or being punched in the balls as a wake-up call.

mylifesucks_fml 1

or that unwanted positive on a pregnancy test! those are always great...

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41 - Or when you sneak up and terrorize the many innocent commenters of FML. :P

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no no buy an etch a sketch.

Screw that! Nothing beats a NES! (I'm not even being sarcastic!)

Every kid wants cookies and cake for dinner for one week. Plain as that.

Cookies and cakes for dinner along with a $5000 gaming computer rig should do It, I hope.

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Whoa... Calm your ****, lady. Poor kid.

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I know I've commented on one of your comments but really, I'd tap that.

My **** are very angry. They've been slapping folks all day. :D

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In that case, you're a son of a bitch.

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I was about to say sounds like my mom I feel your pain

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I suddenly deeply appreciate my pot smoking, car lending, bf sneaking, bloody awesome mum - if only she didn't bug me so much >.<

JordanDempsey 20

YDI. Sorry but you even admitted you're a bitch

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Thts the saddest part, you're so much of a bitch that you notice how much of a bitch you are.... Tragic