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  22cute  |  17

Yes, admitting you're a bitch is the first step. Apologizing is the second. Learning how to parent correctly is the third (there are plenty of books in the library to teach you)
O, and if OPs son is reading - take back her necklace and get her a parenting book.

  Mr_Krabs  |  5

117, when you say "it was a necklace", does that mean you (rightfully) returned the necklace back to the store? Please tell me you did. Your mom is a bigger bitch than Kyle's mom, and shes a big fat bitch.

  jajaflan  |  4

241- i never gave it to her because she grounded me. I still have it and dont have plans on giving it to her until she eats poop from the toilet and apoligizes


I was just about to write something similar to your comment. It's better to know that now than deny it and continue being a bitch. Apologize to your son and go for a drive with him or something to show you really are sorry. That's what I would do.

  JordanDempsey  |  20

Wow, what a poor mom #249