By Bernadette - 28/06/2012 19:58

Today, I was entering a guy's number into my phone, and I couldn't remember his name. Embarrassed, I tried to be sneaky and asked, "Can you spell your name for me, please?" His name is Bob. FML
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saIty 17

so is it Bhob or you know just Bob? ....

Op: What's your name again? Bob: Bob Op: No, your last name? Now you would have both names and not seem as stupid. Next time try doing this method. ^_^


Lol thats a fail.

I know, it should be on FML or something!

Sigh.. Dont post stupid stuff just to be first

What youre supposed to do is go "can you spell your name?" theyll spell and act all dissapointed then you say "no, i meant your last name." then you have their first name. Easy

Did he spell it out nice and slow for you OP?

Unless his last name is Smith, jones etc

"Hello, my name is Bob" How do you spell that, Bob? "Oh its spelled (spelt?) K-E-V-I-N" Though I can empathize with OP, I have seen people I went to school with and they come up to me and are like "HEY (my name)!!!" and I'm thinking to myself "God I know you but.... who the HELL are you?"

I ask people what their name is all the time even more than once because they don't freaken speak clearly so I stop asking when i can't figure it out.

Just like this comment! :D

36 - I get what you're saying, but can you imagine having the name "Bob Smith"? That's just.. so plain. It's awkward.

Why not just plain and simple say "Oh I didn't catch your name" it's not like he's going to say no.

Been there friend. You are not alone in having tried that one.

Well, at least it's not that hard to spell.

How do you forget a name like Bob..?

Guys, there's something called being sarcastic. I don't know why people take it the wrong way... I'm not a mean person.

50 it is a pretty exciting name.

MagicGiraffe 12

There's probably one unfortunate person out there names Bawb...

The way Rowan Atkinson says bob makes it sound more exciting.

I don't know why, but I'm now saying Bob in my mind with Rowan Atkinson's (Mr. Bean) voice

Lol how subtle of you.

uJelly24 1

Lol how retarded of you

And how rude of you, 63.

Did he spell it for you?

yes. the second 'o' is silent.

and sometimes, it's even invisible :)

Unless it wants attention.

That's so cool! I moderated this FML to let it be posted! YAAY

No shame in asking.

How do you forget that? And he must have such creative parents...

My ex had a brother named Bob. It's not that his parents weren't creative. They're Greek, that's just what his name turned out to be when...I guess you would say when anglicised? Like...Ioannis is Johnny, Vasiliki is Vicky etc.

clarissasyima 7

My dad's nickname is Bob, his real name is Robert.

hasnt this one been posted before?

saIty 17

so is it Bhob or you know just Bob? ....

B-O-M-I-M-E-B The mime is silent.

insertnameherr 11

^^ I'm not sure if that was a bad pun or just a bad spelling joke..

sickjairo 7

Katt Williams: nah your name is bkob haha

I'm pretty sure it's spelled BofvktdxbgfvhhhBAH

it's Bo5b . the five is silent .

Bo(V)(•,,,,•)(V)b The zoidberg is silent.

georgia97 2


My brother dated a girl for monthes and never learned her name. Everyone called her Nesquick

A7X_LoVeee 10

How does that even happen? ...

That happened to me, except I didn't know until he asked me 6 months later, in front of his best friend and his mon

I could see dating for a bit and forgetting their real name if you're one that uses pet names, like Babe or Honey. Still crazy to not know your significant other's name. What happened to friends first? O.o

Was her name vanessa? Thats one of my nicknames...


candylandy 1

No, months, really.