By jacky tu - 16/10/2010 03:06 - United States

Today, I got grounded because I didn't go to my dog's birthday party. FML
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you sick person. poor dog.


Did they save you cake in a doggie bag?


you sick person. poor dog.

tribridags 0

I agree

I agree too.. Op ytdi.

Fucking OP, dogs have feelings too!

OP, you are a dick. I hope your dog shits in your bed.

that's why you should of gotten a hamster or a baby koala bear.

the_flirtt 0

you bastard !

what the hell is wrong with you? you might as well just commit suicide.

shame on you OP, U should be hanged for such atrocious deed

35. it's called a Koala! not a 'Koala Bear' !!

either way troll

you guys shoulda went. it was a blast!

MissErikaHart 0

yea I heard snoop dogg was there

LeoFML 1

Hahaha, bravo! so funn---Get the fuck out of here MissErika.

tweetbaby14 18

some people just try much too hard... and OP it's just a stupid dog if you really are that mad then make it "run away" or just take it out back and shoot it.

I hope someone shoots you tweetbaby

stupid dog? maybe they have feelings, you should try getting some.

surferchick96 0

dude ikr! u totallyyyyy deserved it for not carring about ur own puppy!!!

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Wow #72! Feeling trollish today, are we?

well, we're on the Internet. :D

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61, go stand in front of the mirror and take pics like a girl

christa953 12

ydi for leaving your own dog alone on his/her birthday :(

Yea, that's ruff. :o

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yea this guy is an ungrateful little bastard shame on you

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poor little puppy :(

zakkyzebra 11

make it up to it and perform beastiality. works every time

I ain't trollin mate. I'm an Aussie who takes it seriously.

why would u throw ur DOG a birthday party?? I haven't had one in 12 years

OhMyHolyBalls 0

You sure missed out, OP. That party was wild!

well " mate " it's said both ways. why does it matter anyway?

Haha, gg man

good game or some crap like that.

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It's maple story! :0

screwball111 0

eat the dog! I dare you hahahahah

iGrenade 0

i just hate idiots like you who keep using it wrong.

the_flirtt 0

you bastard !

you should show love to your bitch!

Well... now the dog wont come to your party! jeez. selfish people these days.

hahaha you should have gone dog birthdays are the best! you get to drink from a bowl eat off the floor and shit in the garden.

mama2b3 20

wow what a bitch! you dont go to ur own dogs birthday? how kind. ytdi!

you have beautiful eyes mama

ydi for having a dog

WRONG! dogs are awesome cats suck balls

I agree with SeasonedLemur

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YDI for fucking urself from the beginning, shouldn't have gone to all the other bday and u wouldn't be in this situation!

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Now I hope ur dog shits all over ur bedroom.

Poor dog, it was his special day and you ruined it. Way to go!

That has got to be one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. Sorry, just had to say something.

that is a beautiful dog o.o