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Today, I realized I might lose my job because some asshole customer complained about me to my district manager. His complaint? Girls can't work at video game stores. My DM agreed. FML
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I spy a gender discrimination lawsuit!

unknown_user5566 26

Oh, sexism. Never ceases to amaze me. There was a dad at the school I used to work for who would call in and scream at all the women, and then tell the men that "he couldn't believe they could handle working with so many women". FYL indeed, OP.


I spy a gender discrimination lawsuit!

Bloody hell sexism is awful. But if they want to fire you fine just sue them in return. Reason why he was complaining is because he is probably to scared to talk to you.

Yep. A lot of states can fire people at will, but gender is one if the federally protected demographics and is an unlawful reason for termination.

21 - It got turned around on him quite nicely before it was deleted.

Kn0wledge123 21

All the girls I've run into that work at video game stores were not only quite nice, but they were cute too. And killed at COD and Battlefield. Your DM is a fuckstick.

riack 2

Best part is the customer was just to embarrassed to admit the OP knows more about games than him, and apparently the DM too!

sarahlove281 4

Agreed! If he does end up firing you, ask upon what grounds. If you think he's lying, you can cite this conversation.

A few key things to know my friends: 1. Remember that lawsuits are extremely expensive and can go on for years if not months. 2. Your bills do not stop. So look for new work immediately. In some states you can still get 100% of the claim even if you work. It's known as a reparation. 3. Taking out a loan will only work if you win, otherwise it's a potential "shot-self-in-foot" scenario. 4. Also, the US Employment Benefit Payment Control denies payments pending lawsuits in lieu of termination or past terminations. 5. Finally, also keep in mind that you (or an attorney) still has the burden of PROOF that they fired you for that comment and NOT for any other blemish you may have in your record that the company can stated they decided to get you on in the past. They could state "we held back until we had enough of the repeated offense before terminating (said employee)." We all make mistakes so it's likely that they will use the most common one you make (be it immoral or innocent) to justify the action. And depending on the judge's political perspective you could have someone who doesn't buy it or someone who is completely on the employer's side. There's very little in-between perspectives in the judge circles when it comes to this. Anyways that was long winded but this is generally pretty normal for me. I hope this helps you and others who intend to sue their employers to build stronger cases. :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I usually don't advocate lawsuits on FMLs but I think you really have a potential one here. EDIT: Didn't see #1, sorry.

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They belong in kitchens. Speak of what are you doing away from there?

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4- If you're going to make a sexist joke, at least use an original one.

PYLrulz 17

I'd like to know what the sexist joke was so I could turn it against the pig. Too bad the mods made it bite the dust.

Being a girl gamer is hard- if you play online and need to speak.. Everyone goes silent and you can almost hear them saying "...girl...oh my god..." It took my guild on Warcraft forever to accept I was actually a girl. No one believed me until I was like **** it and went onto voice chat- and they ended up disowning me and saying things like I shouldn't be playing boy games and I should be in the kitchen, etc. I left their guild and I am currently in a more accepting guild. Sucks sometimes.

There are plenty of girls on wow, but I'm not surprised that some didn't believe you and we're being immature!

TigerNicole 6

Same with me or try try to hit on you XD I also work at GameStop and my coworkers and manager are super nice and cool

unknown_user5566 26

Oh, sexism. Never ceases to amaze me. There was a dad at the school I used to work for who would call in and scream at all the women, and then tell the men that "he couldn't believe they could handle working with so many women". FYL indeed, OP.

feldco1 17

I deal with the same problem at my job. Being a female in a hardware store exposes me to a lot of discrimination and I've had tons of customers tell me that they needed a man to help me instead. It's frustrating.

I don't know why people care so much about sexism (I mean the sexist side/the discriminators) can't they just not care about it?

I'm sure there's something that irks you. For me it's when someone says something that just defies logic.

67 - there's a big difference between being "irked" by something and being blatantly sexist/racist/other-ism against it.

unknown_user5566 26

18- That definitely sucks. That used to happen to me due to my age, because I am very young compared to my coworkers. Eventually I decided to use that as motivation to show everyone I was just as good as they were; it ended up with me getting a big promotion over those who were older and "more experienced". Keep your chin up!

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School is pro girl cause teachers prefer them more

Good for you, Kylee! Seriously, way to go.

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I also agree with one. That smells like a legal war waiting to happen.

Then reply to it. But I'm sure you knew that and just wanted to have your own separate reply. downvote

And stating their own opinion in their own comment is wrong how?

I think I'm gonna make an FML: Today, I realized that I've never met a girl that likes video games. FML.

Then, you sir, simply haven't been looking hard enough.

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I played against a female gamer in mvc 3.She is the only one I've ever seen...she sucked and rage quit,calling me "some fat@$$ who can't get laid" before leaving. but I know they aren't all like that and hope to meet some in the future I guess. didn't remember her gamer tag though.

I'm female and game, but I don't enjoy multiplayer at all (I play for good storylines and single player). Sorry guys.

Me too 63, that is why I like the GTA games.

I'm a girl gamer. Wow you just met a few on here ;) My cousin (also a girl) was at GameStop last night to pick up RE 6. So far its pretty awesome. :)

Me and my sister are both girl gamers and we game together. Game of LoL? ;)

League of legends that's and awesome game 85

I'm a girl and I love gaming.. I play eroge , amnesia , the diablo series , American McGee's , portal, and visual novels. I personally don't understand why more girls don't game , it's a fun way to relax and escape. Have a nice day fellow gamers.

Trix_Disorder 20

52 - I find it surprising you've never met one. As a group, we love to brag about it to get attention from the opposite sex. :I

101 - ooh Diablo gamer! Nice; which hero are you playing with? Surprisingly I've met a few girl gamers that are into Diablo. Message me your ID if interested in co-op!

Well if any of y'all play bf3 on ps3 I'm down.

dinoluvsrawr 2

I'm a girl and I love playing cod, gta, halo.. pretty much anything with shooting :D Girl Gamer Power!

You probably don't know a lot of gamers then :P. I play Lord of the Rings Online (lotro) and I'd say about half of the people I know are female.

I'm a girl and I love playing games! I play Halo reach mostly and have made friends (all guys) who automatically assume I'm a guy and then freak out when they realise I'm a girl. Its kinda lonely being a girl gamer though I have no girl friends on there

kittycat1597 10

I'm a girl gamer, I play a lot. L4D one and two, cod, gta, amnesia, hospice ( another version of slender), heavy rain, Diablo, and for some entertainment happy wheels xD

198- I play Halo Reach too. That's how I met all my friends, who are all guys. It's a lot of fun to use my mic when they start questioning my friends if they are sure I'm a girl or not. They go silent pretty fast lol

most of my female gamer friends tend to go with non-feminine tags because its annoying to hear two things repetitively "get back in the kitchen" (and other sexist comments) or "OMG girl gamers are soooo hot" So probably you do play with quite a few and don't realize it

Female gamer here. ^^ Play alot of WoW, had 14/14 mythic in SoO, but also Skyrim, League of Legends and Diablo.

This is true! Ppl don't even know what we look like or even who we are but we get harassed just for being a girl! I've never had anyone be mean to me but I have had more than one guy try to get my phone number..

You think gamers would want girls to work at video game stores. Then they actually get to interact with girls

I was thinking the same thing, but apparently Mr. Sexist enjoys his right hand over an actual, real woman. Hope he enjoys his mother's basement!

I wanna agree but it just may backfire if the gamers are too shy... Then sales drop :-(

Hey! A girl helped me pick out Fable 3 and I thoroughly enjoy that game!

unknown_user5566 26

I love Fable 3... definitely my favorite game.

Shafreeka 8

Hell yes! My absolute favorite game!

Fable 3 sucked. A girl helped me pick ME 1 though, so yeah, girls at game stores rock!

You of Fable ad though it has come and gone. It is still here, and it is still fantastic.

Jesus! Just reread my comment. *speak *as There we go.

skyeyez9 24

If fable 3 sucked why do so many people still play it? That goes for fable 2 as well. The fable series is awesome and I'm a fellow gamerchick.

KVKdragon 26

Technically, you can fight this since this is a clear example of sexism and your DM is being prejudiced for horrible reasons. Don't let them oppress you, fight to win >:(