By asstomouth - 29/05/2010 18:20 - France

Today, I wasn't feeling well, so I took my temperature with a thermometer from my sister's bathroom. I later found out that I actually used my sister's rectal thermometer. At least I don't have a fever. FML
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yatoast 0

fucking VOM... I'm a nurse and that's just gross!!!!

Rectal thermometers? Don't even want to know.


first. bask in the glory. fafp

Valentina_Baby 7

did it taste like chocolate? :D


thread jacking in 3,2,1

just vomitted in my mouth : S

Wouldn't oral thermometers and rectal thermometers look a tad different?

autumn16 0

that's really gross and you should really know the difference.. lol ydi (: sorry juss sayin (:

epoh_fml 0

no, Jessie, they're the same. that's why I label them :/

guessing she wasn't feeling well, she probably just forgot to check wanting to know whether or not she had a fever (:

Blue_Coconuts 7

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it's okay to go ass to mouth.

rohosoccer08 1

I never could use a rectal thermometer on my kids, that's gross to me, under the arm works for my daughter and I have an ear thermometer for my son

epoh_fml 0

can you get an accurate reading with an ear thermometer, roho? I never can :/ I prefer the auxillary method also.

korn247 5

YDI for not having your own thermometer... and not asking her before hand!

KiddNYC1O 20

6- huge fail

rohosoccer08 1

on my son I can ... it won't take my daughters but the dr said it doesn't work on babies under 2, but your daughter is 2 isn't she?

TaylorTotsYumm 10


epoh_fml 0

roho--she's 2 1/2 but I haven't tried it on her in over a year. but I couldn't even get a good reading on myself or her father when I tried.

clanceyrocks11 0

rectal means ass, right?

Bacteria for dayssss

No, but you can tell the difference by the taste.

red = rectal blue = mouth Round tip = rectal pointy tip = mouth plastic film cover = no shit

MissRachieee 3

I modded this! :D

rohosoccer08 1

idk... but I just checked my daughters temp with 3 diff ones, under the arm said 101.6, pacifier thermometer said 103.1 and ear said 98.7... I know the ear is wrong cuz she definately has a fever, Im assuming the arm was the best reading, I just called her dr, waiting him to call me back

yatoast 0

damn you're fine

pingpongpickle 8

well did you put it in your mouth or ear? I guess either way it's gross. fyl

epoh_fml 0

roho--with the auxillary you need to add a degree. rectal you subtract one, and oral is usually right on. hope the wee one feels better :/ my lil one isn't doing so hot either. hand foot & mouth disease, ear infections, pink eye, and something else viral is going around our daycare :/ I'm praying hers is just the viral--no temp yet, just a runny nose and crankiness :(

rohosoccer08 1

yeah the dr just called me back told me how much mess to give her and I put her to bed, he said it was prob a viral infection

rohosoccer08 1

80, and 82 who are you talking to?

Well, maybe it's because your mouth isn't as hot as the anus!!! Wait, my sentence doesn't sound so great!!!

Btw, the OP is a guy, and not from France. He lives in New York. The reason he didn't know is because it was one of those thermometers that can be used for either. You can buy them at any Walgreens or CVS.

I_have_no_clue 0

#34 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xx_jESSii 3

I did too :)

Xx_jESSii 3

damn :( my comment was for #68 I modded this too.

GuitarPlaya7 0

why does your sister have a rectal thermometer??!? she must lock her door and "check" her temperature alot loll

there is differences in thermometers. rectal has a rounded tip which is red. oral is not as round with a blue tip. and checking your temp the axillary way is the most unacurate reading. you should try using another method.

bettadenne1 0

hahaha @34 deff won and here is ur prize 

did u hold it in ur mouth?

my sister nicknames her rectal thermometor " dildo".

haha love that movie

fmlperson1724 0

wow!! hahahah I'm sorry is it bad that I just rofl'd

yatoast 0

fucking VOM... I'm a nurse and that's just gross!!!!

Rectal thermometers? Don't even want to know.

rectum=butt. its a thermometer that goes up ur ass

epoh_fml 0

they're typically used for infants. that is the way to get the most accurate reading of their temperature.

I absolutely love your pic 7, it's pretty amazing! ^^ I think I used that comma properly.. : )

I know I sound stupid, but I don't get it!

Your name sucks. So does Twilight.

agree and a rectal thermometer goes in ur ass she put her sisters rectal thermometer in her mouth. thts why her name is ass to mouth. (which isnt a bad porn sight) lol

lol, twilight can be some what over rated

Ultimate_Cynic 0

@97:'re one of THEM, aren't you?!? CLEANSE THE IMPURE!!!!

Twilight blows.

lovelove24 1

fiiiiirrrsssstttttttt that's grosss op

Valentina_Baby 7

no u weren't lol

autumn16 0

ha what a dumb ass I hate people that say they were first but then they weren't lol.. juss sayin (:

This is probably the best first fail ever. You got ninth. lol. fafp

iAmPaul 49

faaaaaiiiiiilllllllll ur 9th, idiot.

i was first. put tht in ur juicebox and suck it

Diannaa 0

lol, asstomouth

ydi don't take things that aren't yours haha YDI