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  rohosoccer08  |  1

idk... but I just checked my daughters temp with 3 diff ones, under the arm said 101.6, pacifier thermometer said 103.1 and ear said 98.7... I know the ear is wrong cuz she definately has a fever, Im assuming the arm was the best reading, I just called her dr, waiting him to call me back

  epoh_fml  |  0

roho--with the auxillary you need to add a degree. rectal you subtract one, and oral is usually right on.

hope the wee one feels better :/ my lil one isn't doing so hot either. hand foot & mouth disease, ear infections, pink eye, and something else viral is going around our daycare :/ I'm praying hers is just the viral--no temp yet, just a runny nose and crankiness :(

  FmyLinNY  |  0

Btw, the OP is a guy, and not from France. He lives in New York. The reason he didn't know is because it was one of those thermometers that can be used for either. You can buy them at any Walgreens or CVS.

  love21_fml  |  0

there is differences in thermometers.
rectal has a rounded tip which is red. oral is not as round with a blue tip.
and checking your temp the axillary way is the most unacurate reading. you should try using another method.

  ninjacapo  |  2

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