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Today, I'm no longer allowed to work the drive-thru at my job, because over the weekend, 3 dumbasses I go to school with came in and complained to my manager, saying I sounded a creepy pervert and that it scared them enough to take their business elsewhere. FML
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Visit their houses and workplaces and really make them feel creeped out. Your voice is a blessing in disguise

Ya creepy pervert


Ya creepy pervert

I feel your pain.

YDI for not changing your voice.

Does nobody understand this sarcasm? I personally thought it was hilarious.

Same here. I giggled a lot.

Visit their houses and workplaces and really make them feel creeped out. Your voice is a blessing in disguise

that something dwight k. schrute would do

No, Dwight would make the comment/complaint. Jim would follow Dwight around after.

And it's a bad thing to not work the drive-thru window how?

It's not, it's just that OP was wrongfully accused by a bunch of teenagers and his own manager believed their word over his without a proper confirmation. Loyalty ain't a thing these days.

ThatOneChick856 36

I don't think anyone should do anything out of pure loyalty. Someone isn't going to be automatically in the right for everything just because you've known the person for years or something like that. But that being said, it's stupid of the boss to just simply go by these kids' words instead of somehow validating their complaint- especially if he was told that they know the OP personally.

That's true #24 but these days it's "the customer is always right, even when they're killing you" attitude that causes stuff like this to happen. Honestly OP could have just as easily been fired over this.

Having worked in McDonalds, drive through window 1 is one of the best places to work in the store. All you have to do is take someone's order, and their cash when they pay. Nothing else. Only real issue is that it's cold, and you get the occasional spate of abuse from customers.

#39 "occasional abuse"? you must have worked at a much better mcdonalds than I do..

I'd get legal advice to see if he can really do that? I'm sure that'd fall in some sort of the many discriminations that exist today.

Discrimination against perverts?

I think this is bullying and surely the sound of someone's voice, based on the word of another person, is not a valid reason to fire someone

it'd fall under libel. slanderous accusations. it'd stick too since it's affected OP'S income

Well, this is a sign to stop hitting on people in the drive-thru.

Do you sound like that? If not, how rude of them!

It's still rude either way.

It seems to me that they did you a favor. No one actually wants to work the drive through window do they?

Sometimes it can be the most fun job at fast food place. Really makes the time fly too, which is good.

the drive thru was made by the devil. it has some benefits. but I can't begin to explain my level of frustration when people are being rude, or complete dumbasses. I cannot stand when someone sits there and says "uhh" or "umm" every other freaking word.

Haha it sounds like you need patience training. I enjoyed when people took their time, because it would allow me to catch up on orders. "Give me a sec" was my favorite thing to hear.

I work at McDonald's and can't stand it. I prefer being back in the kitchen. That way I don't have to deal with any rude customers.

Hell if that's all it took to make my manager take me off drive thru I'd do it. I swear people are 10 times more rude, stupid and just awful to deal with in the drive thru. the only good thing is when I'm not talking to them I can curse them under my breath.

Yeaaaaah...can't wait for the day you realize that there are going to be assholes no matter where you work. You're in for a real treat!

I'm aware of that. but from experience of working both the inside register and the drive thru, I'd pick inside any day. because of my previous statement. thanks bye