By iskiel - / Sunday 26 October 2014 05:53 / Australia - Melbourne
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Employers have to follow whatever state laws mandate for break schedules, lunch requirements, and limiting what an employee can't do off the clock. These are in place to protect the worker from being "encouraged" to work off the clock (without pay) or skip breaks to get something done sooner. Violations of these laws can have massive fines attached, which is why companies will begrudgingly be anal-retentive about such matters. At least, the ones that don't have managers/owners that care about the quality of life of their workers...

  devildog562  |  33

Never to late to defend yourself. The customer and the manager are both vein extremely unreasonable, I know I personally would say something back. Not that I'd be right to do so .

  devildog562  |  33

I'm not sure I like your attitude towards me while I'm off duty. Please consider getting on both knees and suck it softly. Thank you for your time and understanding .

I believe that's as nice as I could say it. Or like the student that was smoking a while ago. Suck my dick bitch is fairly effective . Rude, but effective.

  CantTouchThat  |  27

She's off the clock. She very well could. Also, as her husband, I would've bitched her boss out for crossing a line like that right in front of me. And if he dared fire her, they would get sued BIG time!!

  Dr_Strange  |  4

I agree. The customer is being much more ridiculous then the manager in this situation. OP wasn't in uniform and honestly the customer sounds like a real ass-hat.

By  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Your manager should know the rules, (s)he is in no postition to bitch you out on your day off. I'd do somethng about that. FYL OP and sorry you had to go through that.

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