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Today, I realized I'm getting my period pretty soon. How? I started crying and throwing plates because I thought we were out of sweet bread. FML
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Hey, sweet bread is the shit... so I totally understand.

Wizardo 33

Maybe you're just really passionate about sweet bread and you hate plates...


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How would you know? You inconsiderate ****.

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Well that was just rude and uncalled for, #1

#1 is premenstrual and cranky!!! Watch those ragin hormones, #1!!!!

WTF #1? Someone can't eat something they want?

People, clearly 1 meant fat as in (informal) 'financially substantial or desirable'

Just out of interest #1, did you think you were going to get any up-votes for a comment like that?

Canuckle, this isn't the first time I didn't understand a single word of your comment lol

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I would not want to be around you when you actually get your period...

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With that name, the OP probably has a mutual feeling...

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Actually the mood swings normally happen a week before the actual periods. I track 21 days give or take a day or two from the period and just stay out of the way for that week unless she wants attention. A lot of times the problems come during that period and men don't understand why it's happening and end up making matters worse.

I think it's different for everyone; I always get mood swings during my period and I'm fine the other weeks.

I totally understand mood swings as I'm pregnant, but throwing plates?? That seems extreme.

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Mood swings, yeah. Being irritable, easily agitated or emotional, that's fine but there's a thin line between being pissy and being a bitch. I've known a lot of women that don't have mood swings & if they do, they know how to keep themselves composed. Most of them will tell you, having a period is no excuse for being a raving lunatic. You should see a shrink, there's probably some underlying reason for your inability to control your temper.

CookieLovesBoo 16

You only have mood swings if your diets bad.

153, you have mood swings because of fluctuating hormone levels in your body.

I would start with an obgyn before a shrink. There are many conditions that can cause worse then normal pms and mood swings. Hormones can be evil.

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Seriously. I hate it when people blame their extreme emotional behavior on their cycle, pregnancy, or hormones in general. Like, seriously, take accountability for your actions.

Hey, sweet bread is the shit... so I totally understand.

I wonder if the "sweet bread" the OP is talking about is actual bread and not just a funky term they give cooked lamb organs-- to hide what you're really eating. Ex: Rocky Mountain oysters. :P

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It sounds like an appropriate reaction.

What exactly is sweet bread? This is something I have not heard of.

^I'm also Canadian and have never heard of sweet bread. It sounds good though.

TheDrifter 23

I'm also Canadian, but my local bakery sells a bread roll that's labeled as sweet bread, they also sell sweet buns. Just a sweetened bread product here, good for breakfast toast.

sweet bread is a loaf that's got cinnamon, sugar and coconut, and filled with cherries and raisins. The crust is coated with brown sugar. You'd kill people over it.

well there's literally bread that is sweet which people refer to as sweet bread and there is brains. which are referred to as sweet breads.

Sweetbread is the thymus gland/pancreas animal usually a lamb or a calf and its fried with butter...or at least that's what I was always told. There probably are loaves of bread that are sweetened and sold under the name Sweet Bread in your local bakery. I know at my work, we seasonally have some sweetened rolls that we make around Christmas time, but when I hear "sweetbread" I think of organs.

The1CalledGOAT 11

to me sweet bread is just the english translation of pan dulce, which is a very delicious variety of breads, muffins, cookies, pretzels, and of course churros.

Hawaiian sweet rolls..wait, that isn't bread. Um pumpern...=]

Wizardo 33

Maybe you're just really passionate about sweet bread and you hate plates...

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She wouldn't be getting her period soon if her was pregnant.

Am I the only one who doesn't get mood swings when I'm on my period?

58 - I usually feel a bit mopey, but nothing drastic.

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Maybe she is just an unreasonable person?

Fluffasuars_Rawr 15

I don't either. But I also make an effort to control my emotions and not let them control me.

KinkyCurly 13

She THINKS she's getting it and is using that as an excuse. She could be pregnant.

The have been studies done proving there are no mood swings associated with your period. If you act crazy on or before your period it's because you're just crazy in general. Therefore it makes more sense if she is pregnant.

What studies do you read anyways?! I'm a guy and I know for a fact that mood swings happen to girls on their period, mostly because I have a girlfriend who gets mood swings while on her period, thus your case is invalid :)

Now that is a trap. Helmets on, people. :O

Maybe you should see a doc to figure out how to control your emotions during your pms... Oh wait, that's why we have DocBastard!

That is NOT why we have DocBastard. OP is having troubles with her girl parts. I do NOT deal with girl parts. Yes, that's the actual medical term.

Everyone knows when you say "see your doc", the person calls up their PCP (primary care provider), who should never be surgeon. A surgeon dealing with this situation might end up with someone "cut[ting] a bitch". Then again that might be more preferable than sending above patient to me (aka internist) - ultimate solution: stat psych consult.

I'm sure that's just you being the normal psycho!!

Oh, you know OP? You know this is how she acts on any given regular day? Wait a second, I think you're just making assumptions here and making yourself seem like a bitch. :)

Number 22, i hate to tell you but studies prove that the pms mood swing thing is a myth, so she's not really being a bitch. She's just being realistic. Op probably does have some more issues than just pms.

Haha, yeah, you're totally right. Hormone fluctuations have ****-all effect on moods, and everyone's affected in the exact same way. [/sarcasm] I'm still waiting for your sources and links to the literature on these "studies". Like pretty much every comment ever that invokes science and says "studies show X" you have no actual proof.

#143 - May I refer you to: "Mood and the Menstrual Cycle: A Review of Prospective Data Studies" - 2012 by Sarah Romans (MB, MD), Rose Clarkson (MD), Gillian Einstein (PhD), Michele Petrovic (BSc), Donna Stewart (MD, DPsych) [NB. FEMALES ^] Google it.

Sinkhole 26

Oh, you mean the study that didn't really have test subjects, but rather just took other studies and sort of made it work for their thesis, not even considering physical symptoms that could make women moody? Well, when you put it that way... The problem with those studies is that they assume that all women will always react the same way to hormones, when in reality, that's not the case. Of course, if they had done a more exhaustive job, and taken women who are more prone to have PMS (let's say, women with higher hormonal levels), then maybe that study would be more telling.

Is it just me, or are there more and more psychos on FML recently?

So she's a psycho because her body is reacting to something she can't control. We as women really have no say in the way we react to situations when our hormones go crazy. Just yesterday I cried over a pot of hot water. I'm pregnant and not on my period but the hormones are the same. Do you think I wanted to cry about the water? No! But I sure as hell couldn't stop it. Trust me it's as annoying to us as it is to others.

hormones are very uncontrolble! I'm pregnant and cried for like an hour watching 'Of Mice and Men' when they shot the old dog...

my bff and I were 8mo pregnant when at McDonalds they gave us the wrong order and we broke down crying in front of the employee. I don't even like McD's and oh I wish I could so apoligize to that worker. Hormones are awful lil creatures that make us do evil things.

TheDrifter 23

So now hormones are an excuse to just do anything you feel like at any given moment? I'll keep that bit of info on file.

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Actually yes psychos have that exact same set of problems

generalasskicker 12

Psychos are psychos because of the chemistry in there body women get kinda crazy because of the chemicals entering there system.

Being pregnant is TOTALLY different than being on your period.

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53, period or not I still cry over sad scenes like that haha Oh and ps, nice name! :) -Hayley

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#32 really? You're saying we don't have control of our hormones? It's called self-regulation. Many many many women can control themselves, you can't speak for everyone. Pregnant or menstruating, doesn't matter. This myth and excuse that so many women say when they're menstruating or pregnant is just so dumb. And yes I'm a female

There is a difference between crying while being pregnant and watching a sad movie and throwing plates while your period.

Yeah, it's pretty out of hand to throw plates around just because of PMS. I have PCOS and am a gyn. nurse, and know all about bad PMS. Most people just cry, get angry, or get depressed. The difference between being upset and throwing plates is that being upset is an emotion, which you can't control, but throwing plates is an action, which you can control.