By CrazyBitch - 04/04/2013 08:20 - United States - Palo Alto

Today, my girlfriend said that while she was playing volleyball, her whole life flashed before her eyes. According to her grandmother, my girlfriend is now psychic. She completely believes it. FML
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stevenJB 25

Did she happen to take a spike to the head when that happened? Like really hard?

I see great relationship troubles in your future....ooooooo;)


stevenJB 25

Did she happen to take a spike to the head when that happened? Like really hard?

I think granny has the wrong definition for psychic. You remember your past, but your future.

twaumat 28

I think they both need help now

euphoricness 28

This is all just like that's so raven where she is psychic, but then she has a vision in the middle of a game and gets spiked in the head

IKR OP be glad she didn't dump you, sadly that is the majority of girlfriend related FMLs.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

2 - Sadly, as I've seen in some prior FMLs that relate to the significant other doing something dumb, a small group of people declare that OP deserves it because "you decided to be with them and continue to stay with them regardless of their stupid actions, therefore you deserve whatever happens". It is bad ratiocination in many cases.

I just call them the "YDI Trolls". I'm sure they know OP doesn't deserve it, but they'll say he does anyway to rustle some jimmies.

Rustling jimmies can go back to the website it came from. We don't use that kind of language here.

OhDearBetrayal 25

He's blessed with a physic girlfriend who's powers could give him some lucky jackpot numbers. He must have done something right so he deserves it.

9lashes 15

-55 i didnt realize we all had to speak a certain way on this website

55: Sshhh no tears, only dreams now.

#36, is it so irrational to blame a OP for being/staying with a significant other who is summarily a complete idiot? Not that the OP should *always* see it coming... but in extreme circumstances (many FMLs) isn't it plausible that their SO probably gave some clues to just how crazy/stupid they were long before their FML occurred? Example: would you feel bad for playmate Kendra's husband if she claimed to be psychic over a volleyball game? Or say he deserved it?

I see great relationship troubles in your future....ooooooo;)

Tell her that someone wrote "gullible" onto the ceiling.

I don't get why people believe in psychics or ghosts. How does anybody fall for this shit? HOW?!

There are a couple of reasons for this, although you do have to divide them according to the type of ghost/psychic in question. Scary ghost stuff: Mainly due to the fear of the unknown. The human mind seeks to find an explanation for everything that happens around it. If none can be found immediately, then it considers defensive measures first and foremost and suggests that fear inducing things might be the cause of these unexplainable events. (Demons, ghosts, monsters etc.) Deceased people ghosts(Psychics mostly refer to this type): Result mainly from a fear of death and the trouble of understanding it. Many people are not willing to accept the belief that human life is nothing but a continuous chemical reaction which ends with a person's death. A full stop. A complete end. They believe that there has to be something else, some grand scheme behind it all. They're afraid of simply ceasing to exist and thus create designs of a life after death, an existence beyond the end, which helps them cope with their demise. Psychics are then the people who interact with people who share these beliefs. Some psychics are knowingly tricking people, trying to cheat them out of money. Others fully believe that they have powers and are more convinced of this than you are of the fact that gravity exists. Whew, really long post. Here's a potato for listening. *hands over a tomato*

I want to like your comment but its too long for me to scroll up and hit the button before it disappears.

She believes that she all of a sudden became psychic? Sounds like she'll believe anything!

Tell her that "back door action" enhances psychic ability. Sounds like she'll believe anything; use that to your advantage, OP!

rg350dx 29

Maybe she can read your palm after you use it to hit your forehead. Abra kadabra alaka-dumb!

Break up with her. Bet she won't see that coming!

I don't think a break up is necessary here, perhaps a therapist is though.

I stubbed my toe last week while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for 20 minutes.

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

The profile pic matches the comment subject well.