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2 - Sadly, as I've seen in some prior FMLs that relate to the significant other doing something dumb, a small group of people declare that OP deserves it because "you decided to be with them and continue to stay with them regardless of their stupid actions, therefore you deserve whatever happens". It is bad ratiocination in many cases.


#36, is it so irrational to blame a OP for being/staying with a significant other who is summarily a complete idiot? Not that the OP should *always* see it coming... but in extreme circumstances (many FMLs) isn't it plausible that their SO probably gave some clues to just how crazy/stupid they were long before their FML occurred? Example: would you feel bad for playmate Kendra's husband if she claimed to be psychic over a volleyball game? Or say he deserved it?


There are a couple of reasons for this, although you do have to divide them according to the type of ghost/psychic in question. Scary ghost stuff: Mainly due to the fear of the unknown. The human mind seeks to find an explanation for everything that happens around it. If none can be found immediately, then it considers defensive measures first and foremost and suggests that fear inducing things might be the cause of these unexplainable events. (Demons, ghosts, monsters etc.) Deceased people g

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