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Today, I found out that I puke and then pass out at the sight of blood. I am a 16 year old girl expecting hundreds of periods to come. FML
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haven't you seen blood before you turned 16?

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That really sucks. Try to cover with toilet paper and don't look. Or just get used to it. Sorry hun...

SIGHT. the SIGHT of blood. oh my GOD YOU ARE DUMB spelling is SUCH an easy concept

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lol its ok because you'll get used to it your body can only fire those "im freaking the **** get me out of here" response for so long. Its how they get people over phobias, prolonged exposure to anything and eventually you'll calm down, you can only freak out for so long

Thank you for one. And to the OP, get over it. You big baby. Blood isn't bad. xD

Uhh... maybe think about the fact that there is actually VERY little blood in a woman's periods? It's mostly the ovaries (or however you spell that word in English) that exit your body, once their life span is over.

LOL. I think you meant eggs. Ovaries are stationary. xD

Actually, some girls periods can be really heavy. And not every girl starts their period when they're 12. Lots of girls get it when they're around 16

VERY little blood? Some women's periods are A LOT of blood, it vaires. I've never heard of VERY little blood for a period unless it's ending.

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I got mine when I was 8. Those girls who get them at around 16 don't actually realise how lucky they are...

160 - They meant that what appears to be blood is actually uterine lining...NOT blood. That's what they meant by "little blood" because it's's not really blood...

Talk to your mom about it and see about getting a form of birth control that allows you to get your period once every three months instead of once a month. See a counselor about your phobia and talk to a gynecologist about your options. Also, avoid using pads. Get tampons or something else. It's more of a unique and shitty situation than the end of the world. And to everyone commenting about her age - girls can get their period between ages 7 and 25 or so. It's largely based on how much fat is in a girl's body. Most girls get them at 11 and 12 because of the tendency of puberty. There are gymnasts who don't get them till their twenties because their bodies are so muscular and athletic (same reason most gymnasts have small boobs).

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The uterine lining is mostly blood... Just so we're all clear. You lose on average a pint of blood during a period.

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clearly written by a guy, periods involve a **** load of blood.

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#148 you just showed how little you know about a woman's body.

A pint?! Do you know how much a pint of blood is?? At the MOST you should lose a cup of blood. Any more than that is not normal/very rare. On average women lose about 6-9 tablespoons of blood/fluid.

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ew stop putting it into tablespoons, cups,'s not some food!

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148 - not mostly eggs. That would be like caviar in your panties, which in my humble opinion, would be even grosser than blood. You only lose one egg or possibly a few in each cycle. It's mostly endomeitrium, which contains a lot of blood.

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#160 actually I have a very lite flow that last only 3 days.

That's not true for everyone...I'm on birth control and the actual bleeding part of my period only lasts about two days and I have to use the smallest tampon size because it's so little blood. And even before I was n birth control I didn't bleed like a slaughtered pig or anything o.O And it's true that in the 2-7 days a period usually lasts you should not lose more than a cup of "blood"...and if you do on a regular basis you may wanna get that checked out.

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#66, normally I would agree with someone who points out retarded spelling. But when someone as ******* STUPID as you comes a long, all high and mighty, and corrects a word SPELT CORRECTLY and is an absolute ASS **** **** SHITTER about it, to you i say: GO FALL IN A HOLE AND DIE YOU INBRED ASSFUCKING COCKSUCKING SHIT SWIMMER

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No, you can loose a couple of spoonfuls to about a cup. Dipshit.Losing a pint of blood every month? Think about it.

Darling, be happy you got yours so late! (That's if that was your first one) There such a nuisance, and you feel all ... dirty isn't the right word but something similar. I've had about 68 periods, and trust me I wish I started later in life. I got mine four weeks before my eleventh birthday! :( ... and for everyone saying that its odd that she started so late, it's really not uncommon. My great nan was nine when she got hers. My best-friend was nearly fifteen. My ex-best-friend was a couple of weeks off her tenth birthday. Most girls average between 11-17, so it's not really bad at all. Stop panicking people. It sucks, but shit happens. Trust me you'll get over the phobia. Don't try and hide from it by using The Pill or Tampons, your better off exposing yourself and dealing with it. I doubt you will be *too* traumatized by the end of the first week. It's not the most pleasant of sights, but it's not the end of the world. Good luck :)

Well some people are lucky and don't bleed much, but I know most do. And it may not be complete blood but it looks like blood and it's gross. >_

Ya know whats reaaaaally nasty? Period farts. Those things can knock ya down.

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well thats you then isnt it? Not every one else

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wth she spelled it as Sight. get a life #66. Anyways, you can probably find counseling or treatment for that. i honestly think that the first few times will be horrible but with repetition of seeing it you will become used to it and it wont freak you out as much anymore. try tampons at least its better than seeing whats in a pad, u can dispose of tampons right away without looking.

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you mean having your ovaries fall out isn't normal. oh, a doctor. auto-hysterectomy? XD

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LOL #148 Yep, that's right. Once a month, my uterus just expels ******* caviar. :|

you are clearly male. Go back to primary school and learn basic human reproduction. Do you even know what a period is? It is NOT the ovaries coming out (holy geez you'd end up in hospital if that happened), it's the egg - ALONG WITH the uterus lining WHICH INCLUDES BLOOD.

Easy for you to say. You MUST be a guy, because periods cause you to lose A LOT of bloody. Your ovaries don't leave your body. You only have TWO. It's the single egg that leaves your body.

You're obviously a guy, because periods do, in fact, cause a woman to lose a lot of blood, since the uterine lining is mostly blood. The ovaries don't leave the body, since there are only two anyway. It's the single egg that leaves, every 28 days.

And by the way, looking in to birth control is a bad idea.

Idiot, don't try to talk about something you don't know. I would love to see the day when ovaries come out instead of eggs, and there can be alot of blood from periods.

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Uh 66, I'm pretty sure she put SIGHT.

u mean to tell me your 16 and this is the first time you've seen blood? ydi

I just LOVE how you think you know this and you are a dude... and you are not surprisingly WRONG because it varies... you have no credibility in this area so shut up please! thanks!

most of the stuff isn't blood, its just "vaginal discharge" (quotation marks because it sounds all doctory). you only lose about 2 teaspoons full, i read it on when i got my period

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Actually it's uterine lining, dummy. Your ovaries stay in your body your entire life.

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OP, it's fine. There really isn't a lot of blood involved in periods. It's mostly the fluids of the egg and the uterus. Remember, menstruation is the shedding of the uterus, not when blood comes out of a womans ******. If that were so, we'd all be anemic.

He's right! Finally someone is first.

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how is that a fhl? better than getting it super young..

Haven get your period yet? Uhh thats bad.

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yea thats weird i got mine when i was like 13

FYL for not having a period by 16?? more like holy shit i'm jealous!! i've had mine since 11!

I got mine at 11. that's odd that it's been this long without a period

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I'm assuming that she pass out after she had her period... Anyway, to avoid it...take birth control. It'll reduce your periods...and less blood for you, right?

#46 That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If she was pregnant, she wouldn't have posted this FML as she would not have gotten her period. And where does it say that she has never gotten her period before? I'm 16 and got my period when I was 12, but I'm still "expecting hundreds of periods to come." Even if she hasn't gotten hers, that's normal. Some girls get it early, others get it late. Some factors could be that she is slightly underweight, or it's just genetic that the women in her family start menstruating later on in their teens.

"she just needs to suck it up, it's not that bad" - I lol'd

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There's nothing wrong with getting it as an older teen, though it is unusual these days. Studies show girls are getting their periods younger and younger these days. The fact that some 9 year olds are able to get pregnant is kinda disturbing.

maybe she just got her first one and thats how she found out she passes out at the sight of blood

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I got mine 3 months before I turned 15. She's probably just really petite :) And the later you get it, the better in my opinion xD

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I got mine at 8. Those girls who get them at around 16 don't realise how lucky they actually are...

16 is not out of the normal age range

I don't know if it would be better to get it later because mine took a few years to regulate itself. But since I got it when I was 11, I was fine by high school and I had already learned how to deal with that stuff.

there are records of a 5 year old giving birth, so if its possible for one so young to get her period, its certainly possible for a 16 year old to NOT get one.

I agree with bitski60 (#14), I do too pass out at the sight of "regular" blood if I don't lay down fast enough...period blood however does in no way resemble the blood that shows when you cut or hurt yourself...I never had a problem with period blood either. And she's right you have no other choice but to suck it up or deal with it...even if you get on birth control, if you ever plan on having children you'll have to get off it, meaning you'll start bleeding again...

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Getting your period is normal from ages 8-17. So that means some people get it younger and some get it older. Just because you got it at x age doesn't mean every person gets it then. Most people will get it around 12 years old.

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really? a ****** 5 year old? for one, i'd like to see a link to that "documentation" because im pretty sure a 5 year olds body would NOT be able to carry a baby to full term; and two, whoever would **** a 5 year old deserves to be castrated and dipped in acid.

Yeah, it's true. I saw it on Snopes yesterday.

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A five year old cannot have a baby because you need to hit puberty or have your period to actually get pregnant. The youngest a girl can get her period is around the ages of 8-16.

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yeah I got mine when I was in 8th grade so 13, and my sister was 12 but my cousin... shes looking at getting it within the year so 10-11

girls get periods between the ages of 8-19 it's perfectly normal for her not to have it yet.

Im almost sixteen and still haven't gotten mine... But they may be because im a dude

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no it isn't... my sister got hers when she was 17,

#2 Thats exactly what I was thinking. Hmm..

haven't you seen blood before you turned 16?

I wondered this... must live in a pretty sheltered environment to hvae gone 16 years without the sight of blood!

Well maybe she has seen blood but seeing it again today reminded her that she has years of periodness ahead of her...That's a hell of a lot of puking =D

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Or maybe she just got her first period and then she relized she has to deal with the blood everytime she has her period.

Maybe she's seen blood before, but her issue is with her own blood. I had a friend who could handle blood as long as it wasn't his own. I also had a friend who was the opposite. If it wasn't his own he'd freak out.

Maybe she just got her period. Some girls start late you know!!?!?

If OP is Bella Cullen, them I'm outta here.

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Insensitive much? I don't throw up at the sight of blood, but I'm still hemophobic. There are people out there with fears of stupid things like socks. I think being scared of blood seems pretty OK in comparison.

Lol like that recent fml yu mean And yeah, periods suck enough already without, you know, puking and passing out.

What if she menstruates butterflies? AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!

Plexico you have a ****** mind....hilarious...but ******...

cucumberfabulous 7 ahahahha

First thing I came up with o.0 I just looked around for something it would be stupid to be scared of, and what do you know, I was wearing socks. (in summer, you ask? Yes.)

Sweetie, its spelled 'sight'. And YDI for having your ovaries die (feed them or something?). Im smart, because I dont get my period...why you ask? I just get pregnant instead, duh.

What? You've never been to the "Sight of Blood?" It's right near the rain event. (100 internets to whomever gets the reference.)

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What do you mean 100 Internets? And I think... You are talking about pokemon? I don't know. My brother plays it and has something to do with events.


Haha, so much fail in one comment xD

RAININ BLOOD BY SLAYER!!!!!! muah ha ha...O.o

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I don't think I've ever seen one comment fail so much. Not even the one where the girl thought identical twins had identical fingerprints.

Eh, you'll get used to it like the rest of us.

Wow, it's not like your tampon will gush blood when you pull it out.. You get like less than 1/2 cup of blood through out your whole week long cycle.. OR !! YOU COULD ALWAYS BECOME ANOREXIC AND DROP YOUR BMI TO SOMETHING REALLY LOW LIKE MAYBE 5 AND THEN YOU WONT GET ONE ANYMORE YEY

Seriously. You wanna compare that to anorexia!!!!

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