By ImNotFat - 07/08/2013 06:04 - United States - Havertown

Today, I was video chatting with my boyfriend and his friends. When I stood up, he told his friend "See, she's not a twig!" I jokingly replied with, "So I'm fat?" After a few seconds of silence, his friend yelled, "It's a trap!" and left the chat. FML
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Lennes 12

To be fair, discussing a girls weight is like having a parade through a mine field.

No OP, you're at the sweet spot between twig and fat... *takes cover just in case*


MolesterStallone 13

I love how she automatically assumes they are calling her fat...

ViRepz 28

What would you think they were talking about? Whether OP is a plant?

You're not stupid. That doesn't mean you're a genius.

ViRepz 28

No I asked #1 a serious question, the twig reference to me is sort of self explanatory.

She said she jokingly ask him that. She knew he wasn't but just wanted to pick on him. I've done it before too. It's stereotypical that women will react that way when weight is involved, so even if you don't actually feel that way sometimes you joke around to play up to it.

MolesterStallone 13

As in he said she wasn't a twig, but that could mean that she was still skinny but just not a twig, and the OP just assumed automatically that she was being called fat.

I think your missing the part where she says "jokingly".

No 1. She's a woodbug

Fluffasuars_Rawr 15

ire said she jokingly asked. So I don't think she ment it. and Im pretty sure her boyfriends friend was just joking around as well.

Fluffasuars_Rawr 15


ViRepz 28

From all that you only corrected "It"?

She didn't assume. She said she was joking when she said that.

I get a feeling that if he "jokingly" said yes, op would make the FML about being called fat.

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No, it was dumb to assume that since one thing is not true, the polar opposite MUST be true. Even though she was joking, she intentionally put someone in that kind of compromising situation. THAT is rude.

PterodactylMan 23

Or she asked a question

I agree with 25. What she should have assumed is the friends thought she was a twig, and then on Skype they mearly noticed she's not a twig. Not a twig DOESN'T mean she's fat.

She said she was joking now how is that rude I really don't know with some girls it's stereotypical, they'll ask so you think I'm fat? I really don't honk that it's rude that she was joking around! They put themselves in that situation!

I agree with 94. She was just messing around. There's just some people in the world that can't take a joke, the boyfriends' friend being one of them. I mess around with my boyfriend with that stuff all the time. I love joking around, sarcasm is practically my second language. But when I say, "so you think I'm fat?" I don't personally think I'm fat. The only rude people in this FML was the boyfriend and his friends. The girl didn't set up a trap, they did.

No OP, you're at the sweet spot between twig and fat... *takes cover just in case*

KinkyCurly 13

The friend was smart by getting up and leaving. Because anything else they said from that point on would be used against them. Messing around or not.

caohm 18

indeed it was trap like Russian roulette with answers but the revolver is fully loaded

She won't kill you. At least I think not.

im sorry that happened. fyl.

You know, people keep telling me there's a button for that. You can't find it either huh?

ViRepz 28

Did you have a penis?

Misswildsides 22

^wtf? That's completely irrelevant.

Full agreement with 17. You're trying too hard, man. Just let the humor happen.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Wayyy off subject.

alshygirl 14

There are some commenters on here that should really keep it to one comment per FML. You're one of them :)

It is actually relevant lol Look up traps on urbandictionary

Lennes 12

To be fair, discussing a girls weight is like having a parade through a mine field.

Funniest thing I've read in a while, bumb up for you

One of the best comments I've read in a long time, well done!

A walk through a minefield after being spun around until dizzy, with covered eyes and bound feet and a squalling pig in your arms. Approximately.

This guy should be running a country.

SailorSolaris 43

Not for all of us girls. I know that I myself prefer my boyfriend to be honest about my weight.

While drunk and on every drug

sumbum95 15

You should've just laughed about it. You're boy friend likes you for you so you shouldn't let comments like that get to you :)

sumbum95 15

I think I should start rechecking my post before submitting it. -_-

Grammar nazis, coming in pairs of two or more now.

Discussing your girlfriends weight. A game with no winners.

You got yourself into that one

No, her boyfriend got her into it. Well played, OP.

perdix 29

This would be a good time for your boyfriend to stuff some Twix bars in his mouth, butt from the sounds of it, you've eaten his entire supply!

You both are very rude. I'm at the point that I'm not a twig but I'm not fat either. So why don't both of you shove a foot in your mouth or if you like i can shove one up your ass. Have a nice day.

perdix 29

#41, are you going to stick one foot in each of our asses simultaneously? You'd better have the cameras rolling because I've never seen that in porn, then again, I'm not much into the fetish stuff.

brians2617m 7

What a way to turn a comment back on someone! I could learn a lot from you two.